2013 Favorite Products Part II


   Hello lovely ladies.
     Did you think I will forget about you ? No way, I promised that today I will show you the second part of my 2013 favorite products and I will do so. Today we are talking about the products that made sure that my hands and nails look awesome all year long. Want to know which products ? Read on !

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover – This product is just amazing ! I swear I did not know what a perfect manicure is, till I met this little friend. You just have to put a little gel on the cuticle, let it sink for max 20 seconds and then wipe it off. That simple. Another plus is that a little goes a long way, I started this  in Jan 2013 and I still have a lot of it.

Burt’s Bees Lemon Cuticle Butter – Another great product that made my life easy. At first I thought that the lemon smell would be too much for me to handle but I was so wrong. The smell is so fresh and nice that it’s a real pleasure having it on my hands. I like this product very much because it hydrates my cuticles very well and that is a must.

Sabon Hand Cream – I have a lot of hand creams, some may say that I collect them and that’s kind of true. Although I have so many, I  do not use them as much as I have to and that’s a bad thing, I know. Anyway, when I do use them my absolute favorites are the hand creams from Sabon. They come in different sizes but I always go for the smaller tubes because they are easier to carry around. From all the scents that they have my favorites are Delicate Jasmine and Lavender Vanilla.

 Golden Rose & Kiko Base Coat – These two took good care of my nails last year and continue to do so this year.

Nubar Diamond Shine Top Coat – Last year I had the chance to try out a sample of the famous top coat Seche Vite. It was not bad, but not good either. Then I searched the Internet for a good top coat that will make my manicure last longer and I came across this baby, Nubar Diamond Shine. It is the best top coat ever. Not only that the manicure lasts up to 5 days but it has a shine that I never saw till now at any top coat.

Holographic Nail Polishes – These multicolored babies made my nails look awesome last year and made me realise that I made a real passion for the holographic polishes. Among my favorites you can see Nubar – Prize, Glitter Gal polishes, A England – Saint George and of course the Zoya beauties.

Sand nail polishes – These polishes were last year’s discovery. At first I did not like them so much but in the end I ended up loving them and wanting more and more shades. Of course my favorite is Opi – Get your number, a fab polish that combines the sandy texture with the holographic colors.
     This was it, girls ! These were the products that I used most in the past year. Most of them will be among my favorites this year too and some of them will not, we just have to wait and see.
   Now tell me, what products do you tried from the ones mentioned above ? What were your favorite nail care products last year ?
  Don’t forget to let me your answers in the comment box. Kisses and hugs !

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