The perfect brows secret : Catrice Eyebrow Set

      Hello lovely ladies.
  Remember that in one of my previous posts I was telling you about the Anastacia brow powder and how wonderful it was ? After that I knew I had to find something similar to it and I think I have.  Ladies, meet the Catrice eyebrow set, a wonderful product that made me fall in love with my brows again. Are you curious to find out how that happened ? Read on !

    First of all, the packaging of this product is so simple and yet so handy. This little black plastic box contains two compartments. In the first one, you find the two eyeshadows that are designed to offer your eyebrows the perfect look. In the second compartment, you find a tiny tweezer and a smal brush. The tweezer looks ok and can be handy if you are on a trip and you forgot your big tweezer at home. The angled brush is very small and because of that is not so easy to use. I usually use my own brush from Blank Canvas Cosmetics.

  The two colors that are in the set are meant to give you perfect coverage and perfect eyebrows within seconds. The shadows are very pigmented and they have a great staying power. I usually mix them together,  in order to get the perfect shade for my eyebrows.

    The final result is natural and beyond my expectations. Overall, I love this product and till now I consider it the discovery of 2014. The price is unbeatable and the quality pretty awesome.
    Now that you saw my wonder product, what do you think ? Have you used Catrice eyebrow set ?
    You know I love your comments, so don't be shy. Kisses !


  1. Seamana foarte bine cu cel de la ELF. Acesta la ce pret este, Laura? Pupici :*

  2. Acesta costa 4 euro, Anca :)

  3. Foarte ieftin,imi place

  4. Mademoiselle Lorraine23 January 2014 at 12:10

    e tare frumoasa. sa o folosesti sanatoasa. ai sprancene perfecte:*

  5. this looks great <3 I need one in my life <3

  6. Eu il iubesc pe cel de la Sleek. Nu as renunta niciodata la el :D

  7. Tare interesant, m-aş bucura să am ocazia de a-l şi putea cumpăra ♥.

  8. ce frumoase sunt culorile , eu in prezent folosesc creionul de la Essence, si cateodata paleta de Oriflame sau Sleek.

  9. Felicia Rodrigues dos Santos24 January 2014 at 17:48

    I really like Catrice!


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