Trend Alert : 5 Ways to wear RED

  Hello lovely ladies.
     Tell me, what is spring without a hint of color ? Red is the most visible and lively from all colors. While it's not for the shy, this sharp-edged color will please those drawn in making a strong statement. This color is passionate, vibrant, intense and if you choose to wear it, be prepared to be in the spotlight.
   The person who wears red, portrays an image of energy, enthusiasm, ambition, attraction and a lot of confidence. Today I will show you 5 ways to wear this color and get noticed. Read on !

1. Red lipstick  - Someone once said " Wearing red lipstick is like wearing high heels, either you love it or not " and I think she was so true. You don't have to worry if you haven't found the perfect shade of red for you till now, just keep looking and you will find it in no time. Always make sure to keep your makeup very simple when you wear red lipstick, you don't want to look like a clown.
2. Red nails - These are the ultimate statement of glamour and my absolute favs. They mark the person that is wearing them as beeing confident and daring.
3. Red shoes - A pair of red shoes can punch up the most boring outfit ever and transform it into a bold and confident statement.
4. Red accessories - They add a touch of spice to your look. Be carefull how you wear them, you don't want to match them with the red shoes or other red clothes. Try to wear one piece at the time.
5. Red dress - This is another bold fashion statement. When you decide to go for a red dress, make sure you keep your accessories simple, so that the dress will get all the attention and you avoid looking too crowded.
     So, if you stil don't know when to wear red, here is a simple solution : wear it whenever you want, everyday or on holidays ( Valentine's Day or Christmas ), the most important thing is that you feel comfortable. In the end remember, red is a powerful color, and can stand all by itself. The color creates an instant style with zero effort so give it a try.
     What do you think ladies ? Will you give red a try ? Let me know that by writing a comment below. Kisses and hugs !


  1. Mademoiselle Lorraine20 January 2014 at 12:54

    wow! superb articol!:* iubesc culoarea rosie <3

  2. Una din culorile mele preferate! Frumos articol! :)

  3. superba postare :)

  4. Mai am de bifat o rochie roşie şi ating toate categoriile de mai sus ♥.
    Roşul rămâne roşu, indiferent de cum am alege să-l purtăm ♥♥♥

  5. Cand ma gandesc cat de teama imi era intr-o vreme de rosu imi vine sa rad! Acum as purta ruj rosu la orice ora, unghii rosii la fel, bijuteriile si pantofii nici nu mai intra in calcul. Ce-i drept imi trebuie o little red dress! Adevarul e ca rosul face oamenii sa devina reticenti cand te vad. Chiar si al meu sot e intimidat de mine cand ma vede cu ruj rosu asa ca mereu imi spune ca lui nu ii place!:))

  6. cred ca cel mai confortabil ma simt sa port accesoriile. Am si un paltonas rosu care il port primavara, imi e tare drag. Buzele rosii cu siguranta nu le voi sunt genul meu :)

  7. Nici al meu Madalina :)) Am incercat diferite nuante dar arat de parca am fundul unui babuin pe fata :))


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