Valentine’s Day Series : Be my butterfly !


    Hello lovely ladies.
       Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with so many offers out there, it’s pretty difficult to choose the right present for your loved one. That is why, I though it would be a nice idea to start a series of posts in which I will give you a few present ideas.
    Tell me, when you put together the words accessory & swarovski, what is the result ? I’ll tell you. The most incredible jewelery ever ! Ladies, take notes, you will want to know more about this site .

  JasperJewelery is a jewelery webstore that has everything ready for Valentine’s Day. What do they offer ? A wide range of fine jewelery that will satisfy even the most exclusive tastes. Their customer service is very friendly and they are more than willing to help you to make the best choice there is. Another good news is that JasperJewelery has free worldwide shipping fees, so you can order without having the worry that you have to pay extra.
   My order arrived very fast ( 3 days ) and very well packed. Since on the site you have the free option of wrapping your order as a present, I took advantage of that and I’m glad I did. The box came packed as you can see in the picture above, pretty and feminine. Now, show me someone who would not like to receive such a lovely gift ? Wait till you see what’s inside.

    This gorgeous butterfly necklace caught my attention from the start. It is so delicate and feminine and  I knew it had to be mine.  This piece is unique and can be worn with day or evening looks and is easily matched to other silver items. 

   Now, I have a surprise for you. Because JasperJewelery cares about their customers, they gave me a code that will bring you 5 euro discount from your total amount spent on the site. Isn’t that nice of them ?
   All you have to do is use the code : laurascorner5 and follow these steps :

1.       After desirable items are selected, proceed to the cart. (You must accept the terms and conditions to continue with the purchase)
2.       You can sign in as a user or as a guest.
3.       Complete your shipping details and click ‘Continue to next step’.
4.       You can now enter the code into the discount text box provided and click ‘Apply’.
(Please note, discount amount taken off at this step).
5.       Complete your payment details (If any) and click ‘Complete Purchase’.
6.       ENJOY 
      I hope you all liked my first present idea for Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned because I have many other posts about that in the future. 
    Don’t forget that your comments mean a lot to me, so make sure you leave me your opinion below.
Kisses and hugs !

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