4 Tips For A Perfect Valentine's Day

     Hello lovely ladies.
         Ready or not, but Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I couldn't be more happy about it. This is one of my favorite days of the year and I like to celebrate it properly. With this in mind I thought it would be nice to put together a list with things that will make your Valentine's Day perfect. Let's get started !

1. On Valentine's Day everything must be perfect for the person you love. So create a nice atmosphere by decorating your house in the most romantic way possible. Everything is allowed this day as long as you do it with love.

2. Impress your loved one with some special meals cooked with love. From a romantic breakfast in bed  to homemade sweets for your sweet, you can give him a gift that you know he will love, not only because it's so tasty, but also because you made it yourself.

3. If your partner is anything like my husband then you must prepare yourself with sweet supplies. We all know that a man's love goes through his stomach so this is a nice way to sweeten him up and show him your culinary skills.
4. Buy him something special,Valentine’s Day isn’t about gifts and spending lots of money—it’s about showing the person you love and adore that they are special.  A tie, a special coffee mug filled with chocolates, a card, a key chain, a mason jar filled with notes to him, everything that will show your loved one how you feel about him.

     So now you know how to create the perfect day for you and your love. Pick and choose the tips you like best and use them to impress your partner. Don't forget that the main ingredient for all this is LOVE.
    Tell me, what are your plans for V'Day ? What do you think is the ingredient that makes this day perfect ?
      Let me know your opinions by leaving a comment below. Kisses and hugs !

* Pictures source : Pinterest


  1. Eu sunt asa, mai grinch, nu sarbatoresc niciodata voluntar aceste sarbatori, chiar acum scriam o postare despre ele. Imi plac oamenii care se iubesc si isi arata asta, insa pentru mine e un pic prea siropos. :)) Totusi, imi plac decoratiunile astea si mi le-as pune in casa :))

  2. Frumoase idei, iar ele nu au nevoie de-o zi anume, 14 sau 24 februarie, le putem da viaţă în orice moment simţim să facem asta ♥.

  3. Noi cu o zi inainte de Valentine's Day implinim 4 ani de relatie :)
    Nu nici un plan, cadoul nostru a venit pe 4 feb, un baietel :)
    Te pup :*

  4. Cat de bine arata dulciurile! :X Pacat ca nu sarbatoresc Valentine's Day...1. nici nu am cu cine ; 2. totul e prea cheesy :))

  5. foarte frumoasa postare, foarte romantica :) un vday frumos !

  6. Sunt intru totul in asentimentul Ioanei :)) Si eu gandesc la fel, nu-mi plac astfel de sarbatori, dar unele idei sunt simpatice, nu neaparat pentru ziua asta...


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