5 Ideas For Storing Your Jewellery


The great thing about jewellery is that it can really brighten up your look and make changing the look for your outfits a really simple thing to do. It is important that you store your jewellery well to keep it in good condition and you should really make use of your jewellery in the décor as well. Here are five very simple and clever ideas for storing your jewellery.

1. A Frame

There are plenty of great things to find in second-hand stores and vintage shops. It is a great idea to go and see if you can find a nice antique frame for yourself. You can then paint it with a nice colour that goes well with your bedroom décor.
Place a cardboard inside the frame so that you can add little pins on the frame. You can then hang your necklaces, rings and earrings inside the frame from these pins.
It makes a really lovely décor element as well while also making it easy to see your jewellery in a glance.

2. A Kitchen Utensil Holder

You can also put your old kitchen utensils into a good use and use them as a unit to display your jewellery. For instance if you got an old cheese grater then it makes a great simple way to keep your earrings in place.
The little holes in the grater are where you place those little earrings. It makes a really nice decorative centrepiece for your bedroom table. And the best thing is it doesn’t cost you anything at all.
There are other options to go with as well. You can find a nice idea for using a kitchen utensil holder with holes as a jewellery display from this blog post.

3. Hangers

A really clever space-saving way to store your jewellery is by utilising the hangers in your wardrobe. For instance, you should just place necklaces around the hangers. This is a nice way of matching shirts or skirts from the hangers with the jewellery that best goes with the specific items.

4. Stacked Plates

If you have some really lovely china that isn’t in use anymore you can utilise it as a way to store jewellery. For example, this Acute Designs blog post has a really simple DIY tip for creating a nice stacked plate option for your jewellery.
It is a really nice way to store hijab pins, hairpins and rings, for example. You also don’t need to purchase a lot of things in order to create this and it doesn’t take that much space on your table.

5. Teacup Display

You can even utilise your old teacups. Just fill them with foam and place the teacup on the wall with some wall mounting needles. You can then just use the foam to pinch in some rings and necklaces, for example.
It is such a great way of ensuring your jewellery is in place while also making sure you are using it for décor as well. If you mount the teacups on the wall a little bit tilted up you can also take the foam out and just place jewellery inside the cups.

Adeela Rahman is passionate about DIY and she is always looking for the best ways to display her hundreds of jewellery. She is also really passionate about fashion and loves to find the best pins for women’s hijabs. She loves to spend time with her friends and come up with new styles.

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