5 Natural Remedies For Dry Skin

  Why suffer with dry skin when the remedies can be found in your own kitchen?
Dry skin is a frustrating yet common skin problem which tends to get worst especially during winter. Not only does it usually itch and flake, but also looks and feels unpleasant. So, it is no wonder that there are countless number of products out there in the market claiming to be the ultimate cure for dry skin. There are many causes for dry skin including genetics and age - the older you get, the lesser oil your skin produces, which makes your skin dry up quicker than usual. In addition to that, the environment also plays a role. Low humidity and cold weather are also the common culprits behind dry skin. Many are unaware of other causes which are over usage of heater, air conditioners, harsh detergents and soaps, as well as too many hot showers a day. Here are some remedies that are cheaper and healthier than products you buy.

1. Olive oil

This ingredient has been known to have many qualities and endless number of functions. To add on to all that, olive oil is perfect for treating and preventing dry skin. In fact, if you notice, it is the main ingredient in most store-bought moisturisers and hydrating products. The antioxidants in olive oil repairs dry, inflammed or irritated skin and even takes things a step further by preventing and repairing damage that may lead to wrinkles or sunspots. Simply dab some on a cotton swab and apply on affected areas, or all over your skin, before applying moisturiser or sunblock.

2. Jojoba oil or shea butter

These two ingredients work wonders on dry and cracked lips. Jojoba oil is packed with high nutritional vitamin E and zinc properties, copper and iodine. Apply some before bed to retain the moisture and ensure supple lips every morning. Shea butter is also a great remedy for dry lips. It contains natural moisturising components which are known to be one of the most sought-after remedy for dryness.

3. Yogurt

The lactic acid in yogurt is the remedy for dry skin. Simply apply plain yogurt over your face, arms and legs and let it be for 20 to 25 minutes before rinsing it off. As with any products, if organic yogurt can be used, it would be better. The bonus functions of yogurt include fighting acne, preventing premature aging and reducing discoloration. All what your skin needs, packed in one creamy product.

4. Milk

Milk bath is often known as a luxurious and most popular pampering for skin. It is no wonder that many spa sessions include this as one of their choices. The lactic acid in milk helps improve the skin hydration levels. You can choose to soak in a milk bath or simply try the easier way which is to soak a washcloth in cold milk and lay the cloth on the affected areas of your skin. Leave the cloth for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the lactic acid to soak into the skin and after which, gently rinse off the milk.

5. Banana

As strange as it may sound, mashing a ripe banana and applying it on your face and neck is another great remedy for dry skin. Bananas contain antifungal, antibiotic and enzymatic properties. Simply leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes then wash off with luke warm water followed by a splash of cold water to lock in the moisture. This banana-mask also works at reducing wrinkles which is caused by dry skin.

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