How To Get Pretty Feet For The Warm Season


        Hello lovely ladies.
   Slowly winter says goodbye to us and the days in which we were wearing thick socks and big boots are almost over. If in winter time you did not pay very much attention to your pedicure ( no one would have seen it anyway) now it’s time to rethink the issue and start preparing your feet for the warm season, because let’s face it, neglected feet are not a pretty sight. A good pedicure requires more than having a pretty nail polish on, so read on if you want stunning looking feet in no time.

     Of course, now you might think, why all this fuss when you can simply go to a salon and get the job done in no time. Well, I have to be honest with you, I never went to a nail salon to do my nails, ever. Why not ? Simply because I prefer to do it by mysef and know very well the products that I am working with. More and more studies show that you are most likely to get an infection from a nail salon than from your own tools. Unsanitary tools and contaminated baths are the primary causes of why you can walk out of the nail salon with a foot infection.
  With that in mind, I can assure you that you can easy get a safe at-home pedi if you follow these rules. First of all, make sure that you desinfect all your tools before you begin. Then soak your feet in luke warm water and let your nails soften a little. Remove any dirt that you might have under your nails with an orage stick. Cut your nails in the desired shape and make sure you don’t cut your cuticles. Apply some cuticle remover and push them back with a clean orange stick ( not the one you used before ). Soak your feet very well with a towel and apply a hydrating cream. Don’t forget to use a base coat before you apply any nail polish.
It is also important to moisturize and exfoliate your heels from time to time, this is essential for perfect looking feet.
 Always keep in mind to take good care of your feet and clean them thoroughly every day. Athlete’s foot is not just a saying, it’s a fungus that spreads in wet closed spaces, like pool changing rooms, public showers and many other places. That’s why is essential to keep your feet safe and take care of them as best as you can. Warm water is the first aid in this case but if you do get infected, Excilor is the solution that you have to have in mind. It’s easy to use and it will get your feet back on track in no time.
     I hope you find my advices usefull and that you will give your feet the attention and care that they need and deserve.
    If you have other tips & tricks for a nice pedicure that you would like to share with me, don’t forget to write them in the comment box below.

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