It's Polka Dots Time

      Hello lovely ladies.
          I often get asked what is my favorite accessory. Is it a special necklace, or a nice pair of earrings ? Well, you might be surprised but for a while now my favorite accessories are the scarves. Sometimes I might forget to put my earrings, or other jewelery but I never forget to wear a scarf. It has become like a part of me. So, with that being said you can imagine that my collection of scarves grew a lot lately.
      The last piece that entered this collection is a sweet polka dots scarf that I got from BornPrettyStore.

    Last week, this scarf was the star because I wear it almost every day. Why do I like it so much ?
Well, I like the fact that is so small and feminine. Most of my scarves are pretty big and this one is so delicate that it's imposible for me not to love it.
     This New Look bag is my favorite for over one year now and I think it makes a very good team with the scarf.
  Of course, I could not loose the chance of matching the scarf with my outfits, above it's only one example.
    If you like this scarf, you can find it here at an incredible price and with free shipping. If you like other products from BornPrettyStore and you decide to place an order, don't forget to use the code RA7X31 at checkout. That way you will get 10% off your order. Great, isn't it ?
      Don't forget to leave me your opinions in the comment box below. Kisses and hugs !


  1. Ce esarfa draguta! Iti inveseleste orice tinuta!

  2. esti ft frumoasa draga mea:* si eu iubesc esarfele astea mici:D

  3. Iti vine foarte bine, sa o porti cu placere! Iar in combinatie cu poseta, este WOW!!!!! :*

  4. Laura, subscriu părerii Lorenei, eşti foarte frumoasă, radiezi! ♥
    Cât despre eşarfe, şi eu le iubesc, indiferent de formă, culoare, model, anotimp... ♥
    Modelul pe care l-ai ales pentru această postare e cel puţin frumos, versatil. Cât de bine-ţi stă, dar ce bine arată şi la gentuţă ♥.
    Să te bucuri cu drag de ea! ♥

  5. Este tare draguta si-ti sta minunat!
    Si eu am mult, dar mai grosute .
    Si geanta imi place enorm de mult.
    Pupici :*


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