The Perfect Combination For Gorgeous Nude Lips


      Hello lovely ladies.
         Today we are going to talk about nude lips and their power of making a strong statement in a very subtle way. Nude lips are classy, they  have a sexy yet innocent look and they go with every kind of make up. What’s not to like in them ? Although, it looks simple, finding the right shade of nude lipstick or gloss isn’t as easy to find as you may think it is. The shade should look natural on you and work with your skin tone, in order to get the perfect look.
     If you take a look at my lipstick collection, you can easily see that I am a nude lips junkie. All my glosses and lipsticks are nude and I can’t see myself wearing something else. Recently, two other nude beauties entered my collection and I wanted to introduce them to you.

     1. MeMeMe Long Wear Satin Lip Cream in shade Eva – China Rose 
         This range of lipsticks has 10 shades that you can choose from and each shade has the name of a greek goddes. Of course, I had to choose Eva because I wanted a nude lip color and I am so glad I chose it.
First of all, I love the packaging. The attention that was given to the details is stunning and I can say that you could easily mistake this product for a high end one.
    China Rose is a neutral pink shade with a creamy soft shine. Because it contains shea butter and vitamine E, the consistency of this lipstick is very creamy and soft. The pigmentation is great and the staying power decent ( max 3 hrs ). The color is very natural and because of that you can easily wear it everyday.

2. Light Me Up Lipgloss in shade Illuminate
   I was very curious about this lipgloss because the packaging is very unique and interesting. It has a small mirror on a side that might come handy if you are out and don’t have a mirror with you. Now comes the interesting part, the applicator has two small lights that open when you unscrew the cap. This might be usefull because you never know when you need to retouch your lips.
    The lipstick comes in 9 shades. I chose Illuminate, a pinkish nude gloss with lots of golden glitter. The color is not so pigmented as I thought it would be but I like the fact that is not sticky. I apply it over the lipstick if I want a glamorous look or I wear it alone if I want a more natural look.

 This gloss makes a good team with the MeMeMe lipstick and I really think that they are the perfect combination if you want gorgeous nude lips.

    From these two products I will recommend you to try out the lip cream. With its dreamy consistency and high pigmentation it’s a real pleasure to wear it. The gloss is nice too, but not enough so I can recommend it to you.
    Now tell me, have you tried MeMeMe products ? What do you think of them ? What other produts would you recommend me ?
    You can leave me your answers in the comment box below. Kisses and hugs !

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