Top 10 Objects That You Find In Most Handbags

Men often wonder why women always have to carry such large bags. In reality they only put in the absolute essentials that are needed for their everyday lives. Naturally each life is different as are each woman's needs, but here are a few essentials that no girl can be without.


A number one piece of important kit - especially in the UK! A compact umbrella will fit very nicely into any handbag and is available whenever it is needed. There is nothing worse than being caught in a heavy shower and sitting around in wet clothes with hair that looked gorgeous in the morning, now a disaster.

Pen and a Notepad

Absolutely vital as she never knows when she will need to jot down a reminder, create a shopping list or make of note of someone's telephone number or address. So many things occur during a normal day, especially if working, that it is important to write down the essentials.

Pain Killers

Very important as one never knows when that headache is going to appear and a woman must carry on regardless. Also men always expect a woman to have pain killers in her bag and will often ask for one.

Gum/Mints or Breathe Freshener

Nobody has perfect breathe all day, even it is caused by the lunchtime onions or garlic. A mint or piece of gum is also handy to offer to someone who is talking close up, whose oral hygiene perhaps leaves a lot to be desired.

Mobile Phone

Whether she has an iphone or an android – room in the handbag is important and most bags have a special pocket to keep it safe, but handbag insurance cover is essential, as items like this are expensive.

Makeup and Mirror

Touch-ups during the day cannot be avoided and it is not always possible to use the facilities. Not only is the mirror useful for checking makeup and putting on lipstick and lip gloss, it is also great for making sure there is no food left in the teeth!

Hand Cleanser

A fairly recent addition, but not only is it much quicker than washing and drying hands, it is also considerably more efficient at killing germs and can be used discreetly anywhere at anytime.


Look in any woman's handbag and there will surely be a wad or a packet of tissues and also wet wipes. No woman could imagine life without both, whether it is for that unexpected sneeze or personal hygiene – an absolute must.

Wallet or Purse

There is really no need to explain this one, as keeping safe your credit cards, documents and cash and all in one place is essential, not only from a point of view of style but also safety.

Perfume and Deodorant

Women are always very conscious about how they smell and deodorant applied two or three times a time is standard. However perfume is individual and makes a statement about the person. Both are necessary as they provide a boost to self-confidence.
   Now, tell me ladies, what do you carry around in your bag everyday ?


  1. Niciodata nu am pix atunci cand imi trebuie, culmea :))) Si umbrela o tin in masina sa fiu sigura ca nu ma ploua, uras sa mi se strice parul :))

    te pup

  2. De acord cu toate....Mai am și niscai tampoane și mi-as fi dorit mult un spray cu piper (just in case)...dar sunt interzise aici...
    Doar o mică precizare dacă nu te superi. La faza cu telefoanele...sună puțin ciudat "iphone sau android"....Android este un sistem de operare, echivalentul la Iphone fiind IOS...Deci practic ai comparat o marcă de telefon cu un sistem de operare...:)...Sper că nu te superi...:)

  3. Eu am numai porcarii in geanta, de la ambalaje la bonuri, am gasit azi si un gel intim.. Nu stiu cum a ajuns acolo.. :))


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