5 Steps For A More Feminine Style

There is nothing wrong with borrowing style tips from the men but sometimes a good old-fashioned feminine look is really the best way forward. It is really nice to have this soft, beautiful look but achieving this isn’t as easy as it might seem. Here are five simple steps for a more feminine style.
1. Get The Right Makeup
A good way to start building a more feminine look is with your makeup. You can really make sure you have the right building blocks for a feminine look by choosing softer tones with your makeup.
It is important to focus on natural glow and keep the makeup relatively minimal. It doesn’t mean you can’t use any makeup but it does mean that you should keep it really neutral and natural.

2. Use Delicate Jewellery

Although big statement jewellery pieces are a really lovely way to accessorise, if you want to achieve a nice feminine look you should go for more delicate jewellery. It is a good idea to include jewellery for your look but try to keep the pieces very simple and delicate.
Pearls are perfect for creating a nice lovely feminine look with jewellery. Wear some simple pearl earrings together with a pearl necklace and you have a really nice look.

3. Opt For Well-Fitting Clothes

There are certain occasions where overly large clothes are a nice feminine touch in your style, but majority of times you should aim for well-fitting clothing. This is to ensure that you highlight your figure without showing off any skin.
You can find good tips for shopping well-fitting clothes from this Putting Me Together article, for instance. Take advantage of information like this and aim to highlight your best features with your clothing.

4. Include Lace

Lace is another lovely way for adding more femininity to your look. It is a good idea to include just a little bit of lace for your style as it adds plenty of softness for your style.
A good idea is to opt for a lovely lace kaftan, for instance. This is a nice addition for your look and will add some old-fashioned femininity for your look. You should also consider using lace skirts and dresses.

5. Select The Right Colours

Colours are also really key when it comes to creating a feminine look. It is a good idea to forget about very bright and bold colours and opt for softer tones. At the moment different pastel shades are really popular and these are definitely something worth using in your style.
Pink is also a very good colour for adding femininity for your look. It is a good colour to add for your look even in brighter tones. Consider using bright pink as an accessory as well.
The above five steps will help you create a nice feminine style for yourself. It is really important that you spend some time trying out different options and find the best ways to bring out softness in your own look. Be creative and experiment with different options.

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