Beauty Treatments Explained: What is a Gel Manicure?

With so many products and treatments available in salons, choosing the best treatment and finish can be difficult. To help, we’re taking a look at one innovative beauty treatment that is transforming nails up in salons across the country – the popular gel manicure!
Hailed as more than just a beauty trend, the gel manicure is a long-lasting manicure treatment that offers unrivalled strength for nails and can even withstand chips for up to three weeks.

Numerous brands offer a range of gel manicures, but one brand particularly that specialises in this great treatment is Jessica GELeration nails. A unique hybrid between a gel and a polish, Jessica GELeration offers a colour rich finish as well as a strong and protective formula that offers longevity as well as care and protection for the nails.

When visiting your nearest salon GELeration salon, here’s what to expect from your manicure;

First, the gel manicure begins by the trained nail technician gently pushing back the nail cuticles and shaping the nail to a desired shape. The manicure continues by removing any shine from the nail using a nail buffer, any excess dust is then also removed. To prepare the nails for the gel manicure, a nail primer is then applied to the nails followed by the base gel formula.

 The unique thing about a gel nail manicure is that, rather than having to wait for the nails to dry, a UV light is used to dry and cure the nails. When the base gel formula is applied, the nail technician will dry each nail underneath a UV light – meaning that there is no possibility of smudging wet nails when leaving the salon as they dry immediately.

 After the base gel coat, the Soak off Gel Polish is applied, and the UV drying and curing process is repeated for each nail. The gel manicure is finished with a sealing top coat to ensure the colour and the finish stays protected.

The strong and chip resistant finish of a gel manicure means it is ideal for busy lifestyles, with the treatment lasting up to three weeks! It is also a great option for a holiday manicure or pedicure – with your nails looking great and chip free for the duration of your trip!
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