Helpful Advice for Buying Running Shoes Online

Runners understand the importance of their shoes. Any time they make a purchase, a lot of thought goes into the process. There are some significant factors at play when it comes to determining the best shoe and the right fit. However, a lot of shoe buying is accomplished at online shoe stores these days. Is it possible to get a great fitting running shoe from an online source? With some advance preparation and a little bit of know-how, it is possible to get the right shoes without leaving the home.

Know the Shape of the Foot
The first step in choosing a great pair of running shoes is to determine the individual pronation. This refers to how much the foot rolls inward during a stride. In order to determine pronation, there are two different methods. The first is to visit a running store and have the people there watch you run. They can tell you whether you overpronate, run neutrally, or underpronate.
If the goal is to buy shoes without going to a physical store, then you might want to try the second method. To do this, fill a shallow dish with about ¼ inch of water. Place a paper bag, like a grocery bag, next to the dish. Step into the water and then step onto the paper bag for just a few seconds. The wet impression left on the bag will give the answer. When the entire footprint is left on the bag, this indicates overpronation. If the area next to the arch shows only a narrow strip of foot, then underpronation is the verdict.
A general tip is to choose a stability shoe to compensate for overpronation and extra cushioning for underpronation. Expert health tips should be considered as well. However, the real test will be how the shoe feels during a normal run.
Determine the Best Fit
Shoe sizes vary a bit from one brand to another, so make sure to use measurements of the foot to determine the right size when ordering. Use those measurements to determine the appropriate size and width of the shoe.
It is good to remember that runners need an extra bit of space at the tip of their shoe in order to compensate for bending. The heel should fit snugly. Laces need to provide well-fitting support without putting painful pressure on the foot. The best way to determine the right fit is to try the shoes out. When purchasing shoes online, make sure that the provider offers a good return and exchange policy.
Focus on Running Shoes
Novice runners often underestimate the importance of running shoes. They may slip on their favorite pair of trainers to head out for their first long run. However, the feet can take a beating during a good run. Running shoes are designed to add support in all the right places in order to protect against injuries. Basketball shoes, walking shoes, or casual shoes don’t give the support that runners need from their shoes.
Finally, trust the foot over all other considerations. There is no way to get around the fact that running shoes have to be tested. Many runners have tried multiple pairs of shoes until they finally settle on one that fits perfectly. This trial and error process can be just as successful during online shopping as it is when shopping at multiple brick-and-mortar stores. When you want to put your best running foot forward, follow these simple steps as you buy shoes from a reputable online shoe store.

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