Magic Nights With Yankee Candle

     I thought a lot of how I will begin this post and what I will say to all of you. The only thing that came through my mind was : " Hi everyone ! My name is Laura and I am a Yankee Candle addict."  It took me quite a while to process this, but after I took a closer look at my Yankee Candle collection I knew it quite clear. I like all candles, they relax me and they create a cosy atmosphere in the house, especially at night. I prefer Yankee Candles because of their awesome fragrance line, so you can imagine how happy I was when I found all the fragrances that I was looking for on Scented Candle Shop.

   Now, I must say it has been a very hard choice that I had to make. With so many brands to choose from and so many fragrances I was a little bit confused, but I ended up picking the right items for me and my personality. Here is what I picked :
Yankee Candle Honey Blossom - This candle is available in 3 sizes : small, medium and large. I went for the smaller version because I did not know exactly if I would like the smell so much. This pretty purple candle captures the beautiful blend of flower nectar, honey, musk, freesia and woods and had the burning time between 30-45 hours. 
St Eval Spring Flower Scented Candle Tin - I admit I am a sucker when it comes to spring flowers scent. Then again, spring is my favorite season for a reason. I like the scent of this candle, although I would have expected it to be more fresh and not so much on the sweet side. I find the packaging very interesting also. The burning time for this one is around 30-45 hours.
 I also picked 3 votive candles from Yankee Candle : Camomile Tea, Drift Away and French Lavender. I like votive candles very much, but you have to be carefull and have votive holders also because the situation might get pretty messy. Camomile tea has a chamomile and honey smell, very relaxing. French Lavander brings the fields of lavander from France directly in your own home and Drift Away has a fresh smell that really got to me, becoming my favorite one.
Colony Scented Wax Tarts -  I think everybody knows by now the tarts from Yankee Candle. They are the best that is out there but that doesn't mean I don't want to try something else too. These Colony wax tarts are a bit smaller than the Yankee Candle and they don't have such a powerful smell but I find them really nice. A single tart can burn up to 15 hours.
Yankee Candle Tarts -  I think these tarts don't need any intro. I just love them and in time I made some favorites also. The fragrances that I like most are : Fluffy Towels and Liliac Blossoms. These 2 are the ones that I am rebuying all the time. In rest, I like to try out other fragrances too and till now I think I tried most of them. 
Twisted Gold Candle Holder - I think it's obvious that I have a passion for candle holders too. I can't tell you ho many I have because you would think I'm a little bit insane. What I can tell you is that I fell in love with this candle holder the second I saw it and I knew it had to be mine. To me it looks like it came out of an enchanted story book and at night it becomes even more special.
   If I would have to find one word to describe the pictures above I would choose magical,simply because I really think that the atmosphere that this candles make is pure magic. They can warm up a cold night, take the stress away and give instead calm and a cozy atmosphere.
   Tell me, what is your favorite way of relaxing and what are your favorite Yankee Candles scents ?

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  1. Laura imi place foarte mult noua 'formula' a articolelor, subiectele, felul in care le expui si muuulte poze. Keep up the good work! :)
    Legat de lumanari, si mie imi plac produsele Yankee Candle, miros foarte bine (desi am mirosit doar cateva), sunt foarte variate dar din pacate nu prea se gasesc in am avut doar o floricica de ulei parfumat - 'Clean Cotton' care mi-a placut mult, avand in vedere ca mie imi plac aromele fresh. Pe viitor poate am sa comand de pe internet, chiar mi-ai facut 'pofta' sa mai testez niste lumanari frumos parfumate. Ai ceva recomandari mai fresh pt mine? :)
    In plus suporturile tale de lamanari sunt foarte frumoase, imi dau o senzatie de romantism, de relaxare... :)

    P.S: imi pare foarte rau ca nu am prea fost activa pe blog dar sa stii ca vad fiecare articol pe e-mail. Din pacate nu prea ajung atat de mult pe internet in ultima know what they say: 'life happens' but I like what I see. Te pup si sa stii ca te citesc cu mare drag! :*


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