Spring Fashion 2014: It’s All About The Shoes

When the sun starts to come out a little more and the weather warms up, it’s time to put away that heavy winter coat and think spring. Spring fashion mimics the weather, with beautiful colors taking over the dark winter blues. While you may want to run out and replace your whole wardrobe, Spring 2014’s hottest trends can be found in the shoe department. With a few simple additions to your closet, you can work this year’s trends like any top runway model.

Pastels Hues
While fashion likes to think it breaks all the rules every year, springtime always brings a barrage of pastels to both shoe and clothing lines. 2014 is no different, with pastel blues, soft pinks and stunning shades of platinum all ticking the fashion boxes. Pastel colors in footwear can easily brighten up your winter wardrobe as you transition to spring hues. While many women, particularly those who wear wide shoes or larger sizes, may feel that light colors and pastels may make them look bigger, keeping light color trends to your accents and accessories can actually have a slimming effect.
Slip-In Mules
Mules are everywhere on the runway in 2014, with fashion houses such as Christian Louboutin featuring them on many of their models. Mules are great for those who wear wide shoes or larger sizes, as they give the wearer a little bit of extra room, and MarmiShoes wide shoe selection has an endless range of options. Styles for 2014 ranged from delicate straps all the way to chunky, funky footwear. Though heel shapes come in a wide range of options, delicate stiletto styles are still queen of the fashionista’s footwear world.
Smart fashion lovers know that an embellishment can make an entire outfit -- so why just limit it to clothing? Feathers, flowers, beads and studs are all big trends for 2014, and the “less is more” ideal is out the window. Look for shoes that are dripping with beads or loaded with bangles. Feathers around the ankles are also big this year. When it comes to embellishments for shoes, the funkier the better.
Flower Power
With spring blooming all around you, why shouldn’t your shoes match? Floral patterns are huge this year, with bright colors taking over the runway. Like the embellishments mentioned above, florals are also finding their way to footwear in the form of appliques. Think bright, funky and fabulous when you’re looking to latch on to this trend. Top tip: try seeking out floral appliques that attach to the back or ankle of the shoe for maximum fashion power.  
Sunshine Yellow
Become a sun worshipper even if you don’t tan by bringing in hues of electric yellow into your shoe wardrobe. This style brings a very 1980’s element into the fold, particularly if paired with black. Try bright yellow flats with black peddle pusher pants, and don’t forget your shoulder pads.
Finding shoes that fit is frustrating for anybody, but it can be particularly maddening when you require wide shoes. Getting today’s trends into your footwear wardrobe doesn’t have to be difficult, particularly if you shop online at retailers such as Marmi Shoes. They offer a great range of everything from flats to heels, funky to conservative, making them the large-footed fashionista’s new BFF.

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