Swatch Monday : Catrice Luxury Lacquers

   Hello my lovely friends.
  Time is passing so fast, I really can't believe that another week passed and another one is just starting. I must admit to you that I had a hard time picking the right polish for today's post. I have a lot of polishes that are waiting their turn for this post and the fact that I am still buying new ones does not help. But enough talk, this week I have something special for you on Swatch Monday, because you will see not 1 but 2 lovely polishes. Isn't that great ? Let's begin :

  This spring Catrice renewed their nail polish line and they included a lot of gorgeous shades in their new line, including sand nail polishes. Besides that, they also got out a new limited edition line of polishes called Luxury Lacquer. This line included holographic, duo chrome, sand and glittery nail polishes. From all the shades that I saw, the ones that really stood out to me and I wanted in my collection were : Holo In One from Holomania range and PLUMbeach from Sand'Sation range. Let's take them one at a time.
CO4 - PLUMbeach is a wonderful purple sand polish with golden microglitter. Actually, the glitter was the thing that made me buy this polish, it gives such a nice touch and in the sun the nails look awesome. For a good coverage you need to apply base coat and 2 layers of polish. Usually it begings to chipp off after 4 days, acceptable in my opinion. The application is very smooth, thanks to the wide brush that this polish has. You need to use the aluminium foil to take it off your nails faster, otherwise you will have a hard time taking it off.
CO3 - Holo In One is a great green holo that suprised me very much. I was expecting it to look nice but not so breath taking. The holographic effect is really special and I can't tell you how happy I am that I bought it. For a perfect coverage you will need to apply 2 layers of polish. The drying time is pretty short and the staying power normal ( up to 4 - 5 days, before it starts to chipp off ). For this polish I strongly recommend you to use a base coat. When I swatched it the first time, I did not use one and the second day I noticed that the polish stained my nails with green, so be carefull.
   Overall, I am very happy with these 2 polishes and I can't wait to make the most of them this spring.
   Tell me, what do you think of these polishes ? What are you favorite spring polishes this year ?
   Till next time, take care and don't forget to be beautiful !


  1. wwwwwwooooooowwwwww sunt superbe amandoua Laura <3

  2. I love Holo in one! It is wondeful!

  3. Ce frumoase sunt, insa cu a doua m-ai dat pe spate <3

  4. Laura, datorită ţie iubesc eu ojele Catrice, iar pentru asta toate mulţumirile din lume, oricând, cu acelaşi drag. Chiar acum port Dirty Berry şi nu-ţi spun cât de mult o preţuiesc, e oja mea de zile cu adevărat speciale ♥
    Îţi mulţumesc pentru darul minunat, draga mea. Sper din suflet să le avem şi noi, cândva, mai aproape ♥.
    Şi cele de astăzi sunt cu totul speciale, nimic altceva de zis, ar fi inutil. Să te bucuri de toate, numai cu zâmbet pe chip. Pupici! ♥

  5. Ambele culori sunt minunate, dar oja holografica este pe primul loc pentru mine! Superbe swatch-uri!

  6. OMG!!! i'm in love with the green one <3

  7. I hate youuu <3 <3 <3 :))))) imi plac maxim <3 sunt maxime de bunaciuni <3 ...Catrice o sa fie un vis ptr mine :)))

  8. Wooow, sunt superbe, ambele mi-au furat privirile!

  9. Cea de-a doua oja este.... Of, nici n-am cuvinte! Geniala!!!! :X


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