Tips For Emphasising Your Eye Colour With The Clothes You Wear

Eyes are truly the windows to our souls. Your eyes can really draw attention to you and it is a good idea to emphasise the colour of your eyes with a few simple tricks. This can help you make sure people really focus on what you are saying and enhancing your eye colour is a nice way to really flirt with your love interest.
Selecting the right coloured clothing depending on your eye colour is a simple way of improving your eye colour. It can really help you make your eyes stand out. Here are some simple tips on how to do it.

Colours For Blue Eyes

Depending on the darkness of your blue eye colour you have some nice colour options to go with. For pale blue eyes it is a good idea to wear clothing that is either deep lilac or a nice pastel pink.
The good news is that rosy pink is actually a really fashionable colour at the moment so you should definitely get a top in rosy pink right now.
If you got a deeper blue eye colour then you should also wear some more peachy pinks and golden. Golden is a really good colour option for dark blue eyes and it is definitely a good look to go for when you are going to a party.

Colours For Green Eyes

For some reason many people are really envious of green eyes and perhaps it is because it is a relatively rare eye colour to have. If you are one of the lucky ones and have green eyes then it is a good idea to emphasise it even further.
For lighter green eyes it is a good option to choose clothing that is either lavender or a blue-grey shade. This can deepen your eye colour a lot. And if your eyes are darker green then you should go with plum and peach coloured clothing. Plum is another nice trendy colour at the moment and really good colour to wear at work.

 Colours For Brown Eyes

Chocolate brown eyes can be really romantic and you should really take advantage of this eye colour. If you got nice hazel coloured eyes then colours like moss green or purple look very good on you. Again, purple is a very nice colour for looking very professional.
If your eye colour is more of a light brown then you should go with honey brown or green clothing to bring out the eye colour more. For deeper brown eyes that aren’t hazel you should add some olive green or camel brown coloured clothing for your style.
It is a good idea to shop some clothing with the above colour tips in mind. It is a nice way to make your party look appear really flirty or make your work look really stand out. You can find some trendy wholesale ladies clothing in these colours online to save some money.
It is also a good idea to look for some specific makeup tips from She Knows website. It has some nice information on how makeup can help you emphasise your eye colour.

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