Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Review

    Hello my lovely friends.
       Finally, the time has come ! I've tested the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette for quite a while and now I am ready to share with you my opinions about this wonder product.
     This palette created quite a buzz when it appeared and became so famous in such a short time that you must have been living under a rock if you haven't heard of it by now. I have to admit that all the great reviews that I've read about it, were the main reason that made me buy this palette. Read on if you want to know if the palette lived up to my expectations.

  As the previous Naked palettes didn't tempt me that much, this one managed to keep me awake at night and dreaming of the day that I will finally have it in my hands. After I thought about it for quite some time and read all the reviews that I could read, I decided that it's worth the shot and went on and bought it. I can't describe you in words the joy I had when the postman brought it to my door, I was just staring at it and could not believe that it's finally mine.
  If I'd have to pick out some shades that I would have to use all my life, the rosy pinks would be the winning colors and that is why Naked 3 is my favorite palette from the Naked family.
   The palette comes in a very nice and sturdy metal tin that has the written very nicely raised on the outside box. Inside we have a very large mirror that might come handy, especially when you want to do a quick touch up.
  The dual end brush that comes together with the palette is very high quality and serves its purposes very good. The bristels are soft and work like a charm on my eyelids.
  Inside the box that the pallete comes with, we find 4 samples of the Urban Decay Primer Potion. The quantity of primer in each sample is enough for multiple uses. I stored the inside of one sample in a small pot and it lasted me for more than 3 weeks of usage, a little goes a long way.
 Now, let's talk about the shades. I can tell you from the start that if you love matte eyeshadows this palette is not for you. From all the 12 shades available, only 2 shades are matte. But, if you love pink undertones and shimmery eyeshadows you might have a winner.
   The 12 shades are very pigmented ( I was pretty amazed by that ), have a creamy texture and they are very easy to work with.
Strange - Is a cream color, just perfect for the browbone. Although you can barely see it on my skin, I have to say that the shade is very pigmented and gives a very nice touch to the whole look.
Dust - This is a shimmery rose pink shade. Unfortunatelly, I don't like this shade at all, I think it's very dusty and I am having problems when I want to apply it on my lid. It's not as pigmented as the other shades and would probably go better applied over another shade from the palette. I also think that the shimmer that we find in this shade is more chunky comparing to other colors.
Burnout -  Shimmery bronze pink shade. In a way it's similar to Dust, the only difference beeing that Burnout is more on the bronzey side and has the shimmer smaller than Dust.
Limit - This is the first and lightest matte shade from the palette. Although in the pan looks more as a soft rose, on the lid is more of a dusty mauve.
Buzz - Is a darker mauve with a metallic finish.
Trick - Is a orange/golden shade
Nooner - Is a very versatile color. It's the second matte shade from the palette and it's a mauve with purple undertones.
Liar -  metallic bronze shade. I love to apply this color all over my eyelid and finish the look with some eyeliner. It creates a very nice makeup without any fuss.
Factory - Is a brown/bronze shade with a metallic finish.
Mugshot - Metallic bronze but a little darker and warmer toned than Factory.
Darkside - Is one of my favorite colors from the palette. It's a gorgeous taupe with plummy undertones.
Blackheart - This is a deep matte black with red micro-glitter. The black is not as deep and Urban Decay describes it to be but still it's a very nice and special color.
  Although the eyeshadows apply very nicely and are easy to work with, they tend to fall out quite a lot and I find that thing not so nice, especially for a high-end palette as this.
   I think the thing with this palette is either you love it or you hate it and I think I am stuck in the middle. I like the shades, although I am more for the matte shadows lately, but they don't wow me and make me want to say that if Urban Decay gets out a new palette tomorrow I will go out and get it.
   Overall, this is a very nice palette, with a very nice selection of colors and it's worth giving it a try if you're into rosy/bronze eyeshadows.
     What do you think of the Naked 3 ? Let me know your opinions in the comment box below.
     Till next time, take care and don't forget to be beautiful !


  1. Nice:-)
    I was a little let down when I've read the shadows tend to fall, but I would love to try it.

  2. Pur şi simplu perfectă! ♥♥♥

  3. Hi Laura! What a great palette! Great colors!
    So glad to have found you here and not only at instagram! I have now added your blog to my blog roll so I can keep track on you ;)

    1. Thank you so much my dear friend :* I added you to my blog roll too, actually don't know why it took me so long to do that :) Glad you are here, I hope you will like my blog :*

  4. E frumoasa paleta, imi plac nuantele ei :)

  5. Beautiful palette...sa o folosesti cu drag :*


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