Why Queens Preferred to Sleep on Silk Sheets

It is a well-known fact that the queens of the past times always preferred to sleep on silk sheets and that is not surprising taking into account the luxury feeling that silk can give. However, silk sheets are not only beautiful, fashionable and luxurious, but also the most beneficial sheets you can get for your bed.

The silk sheets provide many benefits that make silk such a great option. First, they are really sturdy and strong due do the manufacturing process that involves many threads being bind together. Second, silk is hypoallergenic and can also repel off toxins such as dust mites, fungi, and mold. Third, because they are so smooth, silk sheets provide the most effective quality sleep. Forth, silk sheets are extremely straightforward to clean and are suitable for both hand washing and machine washing.
Silk sheets one of the best sheets choices that one could get and one of the most sophisticated options on the market. Silk has been around for long, grace of the Middle Ages trading routes from China. Silk show off a sign of class, luxury, good taste, and sophistication. In the past silk was reserved only for royalty.
Nowadays, silk remains the best among all the line materials used in bed sheets. The difference from the past times is that now silk has become available and affordable for anybody.
Silk sheets are available on the market in many distinctive sizes. King size silk sheets and Queen size silk sheets queen are the greatest sheets you can purchase because they fit on any bed size and they last for years. Silk sheets are extremely durable and in fact the fibers used in silk are stronger than the steel fibers. Silk fibers bind to each other, and each thread adds more strength to the ensemble. Silk fibers do not decompose in time, meaning that they will be just as powerful for the years to come as they had been when you just purchased them. Silk is also a fire resistant fabric.
Because silk is a natural fiber coming from silkworms and the silkworms are repellent to allergens, the silk sheets are also hypoallergenic and can shield against fungi, dust mites, and molds. This can be of great help to those people who suffer from allergies.
Silk sheets are also simple to maintain and wash. It is recommended that the first couple of washed you hand wash them and after that they can be washed on a gentle washing machine cycle. Because silk is a natural repellent for many things, the silk sheets do not need to be cleaned often.
Being a natural product, silk is breathable and comfortable for your body. Silk sheets enable your body to maintain a more stable temperature during your sleep. The intricate grand design of the silk layers enables the silk to allow some heat exchange through the fabric. This enhances the quality of your sleep because your body temperature will be kept at a more constant level during the night.
The luxurious comfort provided by the silk sheets is a result of the nature of long strand silk fibers that make the fabric much lighter, but as warm as other fabric options. Once you enjoyed the experience of the softness and luxury of silk it is unlikely you will consider using anything else. Silk will keep you comfortable over a wide range of temperatures and will provide you a high quality sleep.
Some studies have shown that silk sheets can offer relief from hot flashes, that condition that appears at the menopause for women and consists in a sudden warmth in the chest, neck, and face, caused by hormone imbalances. For those women who suffer from hot flashes, sleeping in a light and breathable silk pajama and using silk sheets can help turn down the heat.
Dermatologists also recommend silk because its smooth fibers keep the skin moisturized. A beauty tip for those women who have flaky, dry skin is to sleep on a silk pillowcase and silk bed sheets. Silk can also help those people who suffer from eczema and other skin conditions because of its antimicrobial properties.
In another area of women’s health, studies show that silk can help reduce itching and redness caused by vaginal yeast infections. Even for keeping your hair free of tangles and better moisturized, sleeping on silk bed sheets can help, as well. Silk will preserve your hairstyle while you sleep if you wrap a silk scarf around your head.

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