Bold Interior Design Accessories


    I think everyone wants to have a modern and cosy place to live. Of course, you cannot buy new furniture everytime something new appears but you can improve the appearance of your home with modern accessories that will give that something extra without having to spend all your money. As a big shopahollic that I am, I can tell you that I like shopping more for accesorries, than for furniture, I think it’s more challenging and it requiers more imagination. Of course, you don’t have to go overboard with your decoration, otherwise your place will look to crowded and will give you headaches instead of peace and relaxation.
   If you love special accessories, like I do, then let me tell you that CultFurniture is the place for you. Why I am saying that ? Just take a look at what you can find there and then you’ll understand. Here are some items that caught my attention.

Wooden Safari Life Racks  – Now, I don’t need to tell you why I like these racks so much. Just look at how special they are. You can mix them with other Safari Life products from the site and transform your house into a small jungle that will draw everyone’s attention.

The Circus Show lights are a great way of bringing light into your house. You can find them in a variety of letters and shapes, so for sure you will find something for your taste. I am in love with the heart shaped one.

The Pom Pom Rugs draw mine and my daughters attention. Just look at how sweet they look.

This Carved Buffalo Skull left me speachless. I never saw till now such a great piece and I am sure you think the same. The attention to the details is fantastic and makes a great centerpiece out of this skull.
     Of course, on the site you can find a lot of other great pieces of furniture and accessories, so make sure you take a look. If you live in London, you can also go and visit the Cult Furniture store and see live all the products that you are interested in.
     Overall, I was impressed by the wide range of products that I could find on the site and I would advice you to go and take a look, it’s worth it.

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