Get Ready For Spring

Spring has arrived so now is the time to get ready for the new season – we’re talking skin, body and hair.

Spring Skin Care: After the harsh winter with cold winds and constant central heating, most of us will have experienced the dreaded winter skin of chapped lips and dry skin. Now is the time to prep your skin for the warmer months by beginning with silky smooth skin. Exfoliation is key – a gentle exfoliator used once a week (or once every two weeks if you have sensitive skin) will help slough off the dead skin cells revealing glowing and smooth skin.
Face masks are a great way to add in some much needed hydration back into the skin – there are so many masks for each skin type too so if you have dry skin find a mask that is nourishing and hydrating; if you have sensitive skin opt for a calming mask; and if you have oily skin, a clay mask is great for drawing out any impurities.
Spring is also the perfect time to change up your skin care routine. Many of us choose thicker, creamier and more hydrating moisturisers and cleanser for the winter, but in spring your skin may change and you may not need a heavy cream. Instead opt for moisturizing lotions and gel cleansers.

Spring Body Care: Winter can also take its toll on your body, not just your face. Spring is where we’re looking at beautiful dresses so it’s time to show those legs again!
To prep the legs and body for the new season, exfoliation is key once again. This will get rid of any dead skin cells to make your legs smooth. This is also important if you are planning to false tan, as the tan can go streaky and cling to dry patches so exfoliate well before hand – remember to leave a day between exfoliating and tanning!
Next, moisturise your whole body. If your skin has been extremely dry over winter go for a moisturiser that will intensely hydrate your skin. Body butters are even more nourishing than moisturisers so this is a great way to give your body a little luxury.
Now is also the time to renew your sunscreen. As the weather warms up, the sun becomes more and more harsh, so up the SPF and apply it every day before heading outside!

Spring Hair: Give your hair a fresh start with a trim. Trimming the ends (especially if you have split ends) will instantly make your hair look and feel healthier.
Take a look at your hair care and invest in products that are suitable for your hair type – whether it is for oily hair, dry hair or coloured hair. If you’re blonde, these tones can often turn brassy when the sun is shining so try a silver shampoo – the purple colour of this shampoo will eliminate any brassiness and keep your hair colour in top condition.
Hair masks are also a great way to inject some life back into your hair. Moroccanoil have fabulous masks that hydrate and nourish the hair and instantly make the hair smooth and more manageable. For those with coloured hair, opt for colour maintaining masks. Try to use a hair mask once a week to get your hair in the perfect condition for spring.
And why not try a new style? This could be a new hair cut or even changing the colour of your hair – whether a full head colour or some sun kissed highlights. If you’ve always longed for luscious long locks, then why not try hair extensions? They come in many different types so if you want them just for going out try clip in hair extensions, or if you want them to be more permanent go for pre-bonded hair extensions. Long human hair extensions are a fab way to change your look in an instant and it means you have endless amounts of options for hairstyles this spring!

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