Swatch Monday : Essence - 182 - Hello Rosy

      Hello my lovely friends.
         Another week starts today and another Swatch Monday post is here for you. Now, you all know that after the holographic nail polishes, the sand ones are my second favorites. I admit, I did not like them so much at first but in time I developed a real passion for them. I have several sand polishes in my collection, from different brands but I never tried one from Essence. With that in mind, at my last trip to the drugstore, I ended up buying a sparkle sand polish from Essence and today I will share with you my opinion about it. Ladies, say Hello Rosy !

    Hello Rosy is new in the Color&Go range and it's a sand effect polish with sparkles. The base color is a dusty rose with red and pink glitters, it kind of reminds me about a strawberry milkshade,without the glitters of course. The texture is a little thick for my personal taste and that makes the application a little bit difficult. If it's mixed very well though, the application is easier. For a perfect coverage you need to apply 2 coats of polish. The drying time is a little bit longer than at the other polishes. The finish is ok-ish but not as I would have expected. Let's see some swatches.
    Overall, this is a nice polish but it's not what I was expecting. Although, this polish did not impress me, I still want to try other sand polishes from Essence, you never know when I meet the right one.
   What do you think of this polish ? Do you like it ?
    Till next time, take care and don't forget to be beautiful !


  1. E foarte draguta oja, imi place. :D

  2. super culoarea...efectul prea ma incanta

  3. Cat de bine arata,trebuie sa mi-o iau si eu <3

  4. E asa de frumoasa nuanta ojei, e superba :)

  5. Too bad this didn't work out for you, I think the color looks like strawberry to me :)


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