Swatch Monday : Etude House Play 150

     Hello my lovely friends.
         Have you ever seen a nail polish and thought of it every single day till that polish could finally become yours ? I did and let me tell you I had quite some sleepless nights because of it. Now it's finally mine and today I will tell you some thoughts about it. Enjoy !

   I am talking about the Etude House nail polish in shade 150. I mean, just look at it, how sweet and feminine the color is, how can you not love it ? I'll tell you, you just have to try to apply it on your nails. Although this polish looks awesome in the bottle, it is a real nightmare to apply it on the nails. The jelly base is almost transparent and it will require at least 5 layers to get some color and some confetti on your nails.
   For the swatches I used a light pink Essence polish and 3 layers of Etude House polish. Here they are :
     The result is very nice and sweet but when think of all the work I had to put into it, let's just say that I will think twice before using this polish again.
     What do you think about this Etude House polish ? Is it worth all the work or not ? What other nail polishes from Etude House would you recommend ?
    Till next time, take care and don't forget to be beautiful !


  1. I like the result! But if it's that hard to apply, I'd probably go for another brand. Those topcoats are cute, but I want them to apply fast and smooth ^^

    M. - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows

  2. hehehe...zici ca e o bomboana <3

  3. E minunata! Are dreptate Teo, exact ca o bomboana!:X

  4. Uuuu ce pretty este! Nu am incercat nici o oja Etude House.

  5. Mmmmm, bombonele <3 super dragalase unghiutele!!!

  6. wwwooowwww ce frumoasa e <3 ca o bombonica

  7. It looks great but I am waaay to lazy to use it. For me it would be a complete waste.


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