The Size Does Matter - Tips For Buying A Purse In Perfect Size

Is there a perfect size for every type of woman’s handbag? Probably not. Just as every woman is different, so are her needs, expectations and most of all – figure features, which should all be taken into consideration when we are talking about the perfect size of a bag. The good news is that by playing with the size of the bag you can enhance some of your figure features and reduce some of the flaws. Check our directions for how to choose the perfect bag for your type of silhouette.

Tote bag
Choosing the right tote bag is a bit difficult – it is easy to choose a bag, which has the wrong size or the wrong shape. Here’s how you do it right: if you are a petite woman you should choose a medium or small size tote bag. Extra large bags will make you look smaller and will give you wrong body proportions. However, if you are curvy and petite, a quite large tote bag in rectangular shape will help you balance out those curves. If you are thin and have a boyish figure, but want to look more feminine, medium size tote bag in a softer, rounder shape will help you achieve the desired effect. If you are tall choose a tote bag in medium to large size. The next thing you need to consider is the length of the handles – remember that the part of your body, where the bag ends, will be most accentuated, so if you have a heavy upper body and light bottom part, choose a tote bag with long handles. If you are curvy on the top and on the bottom, choose a bag that will stay near your waist.
Following the tips from the previous paragraph, choose a clutch bag right for your height – if you are tall, a small clutch will make your body look much bigger than it really is, while a large clutch can have an overwhelming effect on petite girls. You can also use the shape of the designer clutch bags to minimize or accentuate your body features. Look for a rectangular clutch or an envelope bag to balance out your curves or choose a round, mid-size minaudiere to look a bit more feminine.
Messenger bag
Messenger bag is typically worn near the hips, therefore if you are thinking about buying a messenger bag you should take into consideration the proportions of the lower part of your body. If you are heavily built, have round hips or large thighs, buy a small, rectangular messenger bag and wear it near your waist rather than your hips to avoid the “enlarging effect” the bag can have on the lower part of your body. If you have a boyish figure, messenger bag is perfect for you and you can also carry the large, loose structure messenger bag to create illusion of rounder curves in the lower part of your body. Some hobos bags can be considered here too.

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