What You Need to Plan Before the Summer Ahead

 Summer is nearly here, so you will want to start preparing for the fun and frivolity that it brings. Winter is a time of hibernating in your home, but with summer you will be able to throw open the windows and enjoy the warmth that will soon be upon you, and with a little planning you will be ready for the summer ahead. Here are five things to do to get ready for summer.

Cut the Garden Back

Summer brings the storm season, so you will want to be planning ahead for the accompanying high winds that come with some of those storms. Now is the time to start cutting back the garden and getting rid of any of the old trees that could end up causing damage if the winds get high during the summer storm season. Get a licensed arborist to cut down any dead branches, otherwise these can become troublesome friends during the storm season.

Clean and Prepare the Barbeque

Summer is a time of barbeques and frivolity, and a chance to have friends over to enjoy the heat of summer. So its time to get the barbeque ready for all those lazy summer afternoons you will spend together, enjoying some snags and prawns on the barbeque. If you don’t already have a working barbeque, or if your old one is looking a bit long in the tooth, it might be a nice idea to treat yourself to a new one. Check out BBQ's Galore for ideas about what is available in the BBQ market these days and get ready for a summer of fun.

Get the Pool Ready

If you are like most people, then during the colder months you probably don’t do a lot of swimming. Summer is the time to get in the pool and enjoy the chance to cool down from the summer heat. Start preparing for the family visits by getting the pool ready for action.

Plan Your Summer Camping Holiday

If there is one thing that is sure to delight the whole family, it’s camping in summer. It’s a time when sleeping in a tent, with only a piece of cloth between you and the elements is a completely acceptable way of spending the summer days. Where are you going to go this year? Do any of your friends wish to accompany you on a camping holiday? What do you need to organise to make this happen?

Get Your Body Beach-ready

We all know how easy it is in winter to put on that extra winter coat in the form of extra weight, but summer is the time to start getting out into the world, and wearing less clothes. So you will want to have your body beach-ready for summer when it is upon you. Start a light exercise regime to get you back in the swing of things and build up to doing regular exercise that will get your body looking hot for summer!

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