Yves Rocher Shopping


    Hello my lovely friends.
       It has been a while since I’ve showed you an Yves Rocher haul. You all know by now that I like most of the products from this brand and everytime that I get nice offers from them, I place an order. Since March was the woman month at Yves Rocher they had crazy offers all the time. Of course, I ended up making 2 orders instead of one and today I will show you what I bought. Ladies, take a seat, you’re going to be here for a while.

   So, we begin with shower gels, who doesn’t love them ? I know I do ! Although I have many favorite brands, I always end up buying a lot of shower gels from Yves Rocher, I like their small packaging and the great variety of scents.

As you can see, I picked quite a few of them. I wanted to try out new flavours and let me tell you, I wasn’t dissapointed, they smell better than I expected. My favorite right now, has to be the lemon one, it’s so refreshing that a simple shower becomes a real experience.
  On the site I noticed shower gels for men, so I bought my hubby a few to try out and see what he likes best, so far so good.

The detangling water is the best I ever tried so far. I bought it for my daughter because her hair gets tangled all the time and it does wonders. I spray it on her hair, after I wash it and in seconds I can brush the hair perfectly. I also have the shampoo from this range and it’s pretty good.

I’ve used this face cream a lot in the past and it did wonders to my skin, that is why I decided to try it again, especially now that my face has some problems. It is a great product and I am sure we will get along just fine.

I think everybody knows this mascara and if not,then you should try it out soon, it’s THE BEST ! At every order, you could choose between several presents and I ended up choosing everytime for this mascara, it’s too good not to have more of it.

  Another present, was this pretty pink lipstick. I’ve had other Yves Rocher lipsticks in the past and I liked them, can’t wait to try this one out.
   I hope you enjoyed looking at my “little”shopping spree. I would like to know what products do you like from this brand and what would you recommend me to try out netxt time I make an order.
  Don’t forget to leave me your opinion in the comment box below.
Till next time : take care and don’t forget to be beautiful !

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