City Break - Barcelona

   Hello my lovely friends.
     The bad weather is not my best friend lately, so I've decided to do something about it and what do you think ? It really helped ! I bet I know what are you thinking right now. What is she saying ? Is she insane ? Well, not really. I've decided that the best way to overcome this bad days is to start making plans for my summer holiday.  Everytime I close my eyes I see myself in the beautiful Barcelona and let me tell you, I can't wait to actually get there.

   What made me choose this location ? Well, let's just take things one at a time and find out what Barcelona has to offer.
- Outstanding architecture. Barcelona is the home of the modernist architectural masterpieces created by the famous architect Gaudi, like Parque Guell, the Sagrada Familia and other great creations that are classed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.
- Gorgeous beaches. Since Barcelona is situated on the coast, it has to offer some of the best beaches in the world. Let's face it, after a whole day of walking around the city, it's nothing more relaxing than taking a swim into the sea or just relax on the beach with a refreshing drink while watching the sunset.
- A unique shopping experience. Now, this part is my favorite. I am a shoppaholic, like every woman for that matter and nothing makes a holiday better than an unique shopping experience. Of course, if we talk about Barcelona, we talk about La Rambla, the most famous shopping street in the city.
- Great spanish food. Now, let me just remind you that if you are the type that loves sea food and fish, Barcelona would be the perfect city where you can taste some really interesting dishes.
- Vibrant night life. From classical music to disco, Barcelona has something to offer everyone. The tapas bars invite you to come in and enjoy the live music and good food, for the younger audience there are plenty of clubs to choose from and for the classical music lovers there are concerts that have to be seen.
    Now, let me share with you a little secret. This year was so much easier to plan my holiday and that was all thanks to Monarch. If you are still in doubt and don't know where to go for a city break then you might want to check them out. On the site you will find out that you can choose from a multitude of destinations and that you can book your flight at some very good prices. If you want to choose a city but don't know much about it, or if you want to book a hotel and don't know which one has the best offer, don't worry, with just a click away you will find everything you need to know and even more. Everything is very simple and fast, that way you only have to worry about packing and getting at the airport in time.
  There, now you know, planning a holiday is not as difficult as it looks like, so make sure you check out Monarch, next time you need a city break, I know I did and soon I'll be sending you greetings from sunny Barcelona.



  1. oooooo Laura este superba Barcelona,am fost acum 3 ani,shi m-am indragostit,anul trecut am fost la Roma de care m-am indragostit shi mai tare,iar anul acesta destinatzia noastra de vacantza este Parisul.......impresii la intoarcere :))))) sper sa ai o vacantza minunata :)


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