Five Easy Ways To Liven Up a Room

  When your main bedroom or living room looks bland, dull, boring and frankly uninviting, you know something needs to be done! The task of livening up a room can seem intimidating and difficult, but it’s actually really easy. Here is a list of five of the simplest, but effective, ways of livening up any dreary room in your house!


This one is a serious issue that a lot of people don’t take care of. The fact is though, if the room is cluttered and cramped it’s going to feel dull and boring. Get rid of the excess junk – if it hasn’t been touched in a year, chances are you don’t need it! Do the de-cluttering first, and then you can begin your styling expedition.


Reflective surfaces are the simplest way to liven up your rooms – the only downside is your teenage daughter making like a parrot and constantly checking herself out. By adding mirrors, the light reflects around the room causing the space to look bigger than it really is. The placing of all these items also aids to the effectiveness. By placing mirrors opposite each other you can create a cool optical illusion, making the room feel gigantic. Also by placing glass, mirrors or crystals near windows, the natural light will reflect in different, and more effective, ways.


It may seem like an obvious one, but most people don’t seem to realise that if they paint their living room with dark colours, the room will seem cramped and dull. Yellow, light green and light blue paints can help with this – they make you happy as well as keep the room looking nice and light. If you’re feeling super creative, you could paint a sky blue wall with some clouds scattered upon it to create a beautiful outdoor feel – even better, go the whole hog and do the sun and grass; that might be better for a kid’s room though!


Never underestimate the power of house plants. Adding a little greenery will make any room feel outdoorsy and lively. Better yet, get some flowers among your greenery to add little splashes of bright colour to balance out all the green.  People associate plants with nature, nature with beauty, etc etc. You know the way it goes – so add some plants and watch your guests compliment your styling until the cows come home! 


Apart from creating a good talking point between you and your guests (or even your daughter’s new boyfriend and your protective husband), interesting wall art will create a positive ambiance in your living room. There are plenty of ways to do this though – you could choose one large statement piece, or a collection of little pieces! Don’t think it needs to be art either – perhaps you could create a collage of family pictures in beautiful (but cohesive) frames on your feature wall! Whatever you do, it will create a loving atmosphere in even the dullest of rooms. 

So while it seems like a hard task, livening up your rooms will be easy if you choose the right techniques. Experiment with lighting and pretty pictures, and see what you can come up with. If you’re struggling to find cohesive furniture and photo frames, or even mirrors, think about heading to some antique stores, or even on, perhaps a bit of shopping will help clear your head and bring out your inner designer!

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