Pupa Milano BB Cream + Primer Review

     Hello my lovely friends.
       As you all know, I like BB creams quite a lot. Some of them have great coverage and offer a great finish that is a pity not to give them a try. I've tried many brands in time and since I am always looking for something new I thought that the BB cream from Pupa Milano would be just the thing for me. Was I wrong ? Let's find out !

    For starters I have to mention that I don't have so many Pupa products in my collection. A few years ago I had a big eyeshadow palette from them, but the quality of the eyeshadows dissapointed me. Last year I tried out a sample of their lovely mascara - The Vamp - and I must admit that I was impressed by it. Before I saw this product in the store I read many positive things about it and it's not hard to imagine that when I finally found it, I thought I've hit the jackpot.
    The Pupa Milano BB Cream + Primer comes in 2 shades (nude/sand) that claim to work for a wide range of skin tones. I assumed that Nude is the lighter color,so I went for it. The packaging is simple, the standard platic tube with a screw on lid, nothing fancy and kind of disappointing.
    This BB cream has moisturising properties and SPF 20. Keep in mind that you will still need to apply extra SPF, especially in summer.

 Now comes the bad part. If you expect some kind of coverage from this BB cream, like me, you will be very disappointed. Unfortunatelly, I don't have a flawless face and I need something to cover up, even just a little, my imperfections (some small scars from pimples, enlarged pores, redness). I wasn't expecting miracles from this product but ZERO coverage was a surprise, even for me. Let's just say that all this product does is to even the color of my skin a little and moisturise it. Of course, I had to find a solution so I decided to use it as a primer instead. First I apply my normal Olay moisturiser, after 15 minutes I appy this BB cream and then my foundation.
    Overall, this is a great product to have in your colletion if you are lucky to have a flawless face or very small imperfections. For the rest of us, it
is just a good primer and nothing more.
    Now tell me, did any of you tried this BB cream ? What do you think of it ?
Till next time, take care and don't forget to be beautiful !

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  1. Eu sunt fidela Revlon Colorstay de cativa ani...Desi mai incerc si altele mereu ma intorc la el, dar cred ca produsul prezentat de tine merge foarte bine ca baza, eu una nu suport primerul pentru fata.


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