Thrifty Wardrobe Shopping for All Seasons

The truly savvy fashionistas of the world will no doubt assure others that they only are the ones who can score the most mind blowing deals at boutiques, department stores, and thrift stores alike. But their secrets are simple, and experience is not a requirement to be a qualified bargain hunter when it comes to shopping for comfortable, high quality and beautiful clothing. You need not restrict yourself to secondhand shops or charity stores either, because by following a few basic instructions, you can make wise investments in clothing that will serve you and your wallet well over time.

Before you hit the stores, arm yourself with a few of the following time, hassle and money saving rules and maybe a friend or two – whatever it takes to make it fun. Keep in mind that it is important when you decide to do your shopping. The holiday season might be the most stressful and hectic, but you are also going to be able to find the best bargains of the year during that time. Other times of year when savings are stupendous include theback to school weeks, and the end of spring, summer, and fall clearances when stores must get rid of their inventory in preparation for new items.
How to Buy Clothing on the Cheap that Lasts
  • When shopping for daily wear items, promise yourself that you won't buy anything that has a dry clean only requirement. Not only are you less likely to get good use out of the item, because wearing it will mean that you'll want to keep it fairly clean and neat, but it will also cost you more in the long run because you'll have to pay for professional cleaning fees at some point. When it comes to dry clean only, just say no, no matter how good of a bargain it is.
  • Shop savvily with an eye for useful separates that pair well together and make beautifully crafted outfits. Set another shopping rule for yourself – don't buy something unless it matches at least 3 other pieces of clothing that you regularly wear. If it does, you will be more likely to integrate it into your everyday wardrobe, and you will have a guaranteed set of ensembles that are a cinch to mix and match. For instance, if much of your pre-existing wardrobe consists of pink, grey and black, don't buy a brown cardigan. Buy a pale blue or black cardigan that you can seamlessly blend into your clothes as an adaptable piece that fits in with what you have.
  • Buy out of season. Clever shoppers will take care to purchase sweaters in the summer and bathing suits in the winter, when they can be found at 50% to 75% of their normal price. Simply keep an eye out for seasonal clearance at large department stores, boutiques and more, and you will never pay full price for something again. This method of preparing ahead for the next few seasons will also ensure that you shop for classic styles which never get old, no matter if you are wearing last year's scoop neck dress one or two years later. If you find yourself short on cash when these deals are happening, use a service like for a little extra help.
  • In light of these tidbits of fashion's wisdom, it is clear that charity store shopping is not the only way to bargain hunt for clothing. Be extra prepared by analyzing and clearing out your wardrobe before you even hit the stores, so that you will know if you have a plentifully stocked sweater collection but no dress pants. This will prevent you from buying what you don't need just because it's on sale, and if you donate your unwanted goods to a charity you'll be doing a well rounded good service to others to boot.

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