Neon Summer Nails : Polish Me Silly - Chicks Rule

       Hello my lovely friends.
          Tell me, don't you just love summer ? I know that the weather has played tricks on us lately and it's a little bit colder than expected, but we can still make the most of this great season, can't we ?
   This summer I am crazy for the whole pastel/neon combination and that thanks to some gorgeous top coats from Polish Me Silly, that I've discovered recently. Today, I am going to show you one of them and maybe we can see together if Chicks Rule.

   This awesome top coat is a combo of neon pink/ orange /purple glitters in different sizes. You can choose a multitude of colors that go well with this top coat, I personally think it works great over a white or a nude base, because the colors really pop out and make the manicure stand out better.
  On Polish Me Silly Etsy store, you have the option to select the type of bottle that you want, mini or full size. For this top coat I went for a mini size simply because I wasn't sure that I will like it so much. Of course, I was wrong and now I will have to re-order it when it's finished.
   Because this topcoat contains several sizes of glitter the application is a little bit difficult. The final result though is pretty stunning so in the end it's worth the struggle.
   All I can say is that I am very impressed with this top coat and that I am pretty sure this summer we will be best friends.
    What do you think of Chicks Rule ? They rule indeed ? What other polish would go nice as a base for this top coat ?
   Let me know your answers in the comment box below.
   Till next time, take care and don't forget to smile !


  1. Cat de mult imi place!!! Trebuie sa ma uit sa vad daca am si eu nuante asemanatoare sa imi fac o manichiura asa. In urmatoarea secunda mi-as fi luat Chicks Rule daca il gaseam aici..
    Si strumfitei mele i-am luat haine in nuantele astea. :P

  2. vaai, cat de frumos e top coat-ul! <3

  3. Mereu iti cumperi cele mai frumoase oje <3

  4. Tare frumos înseninează manichiura acel top coat! ♥

  5. E o manichiura funny si simpatica precum vara! :)
    Foarte bine merg impreuna! Imi place mult ideea ta! Topcoat-ul asta e uimitor!
    O alta baza? Alba, neagra, gri... Asa vad eu!

    Pupicei, Laura!
    Lavender Thoughts

  6. Cât de bine arată! ♥
    Îmi place mult!
    Te pup! :*
    Te invit și pe la mine:

  7. Apropo , draga mea , am atașat butonul blogului tău la al meu. :3
    Îl poți găsi în partea dreaptă a blogului:


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