Swatch Monday : Polish Me Silly - Freckles

     Hello my lovely friends.
        Another week, another great polish. As you can easily see, I have quite an addiction with these colored beauties. Today, we talk about Freckles, a gorgeous top coat from Polish Me Silly.

   I have to say that this top coat is the main reason that made me place an order on Polish Me Silly Etsy store. One day I saw a swatch on the Internet and it was love at first sight, that is why I knew I had to make it mine. Because I love it so much, I ordered this top coat in full size (15 ml) and not in a mini size as the previous polishes that I showed you.
   Freckles is a clear base top coat, full of colored neon glitters in small sizes. This top coat has also a bigger sister "Clowning Around ". The only difference between the two is the size of the glitters, Clowning Around has them in several shapes, while Freckles has them small.
   I went for Freckles instead of its sister, because I thought that the small sized glitters will apply better on the nail and I have to say, it was the perfect choice. The polish applies smoothly and gives the nails a very special look. It requires a top coat over it, for a perfect and shiny finish. With my Nubar top coat, it lasted on my nails around 4 days, which is enough for me.
   For the swatches I used as a base, the Les Blancs collection from L'Oreal, because I wanted to show you how Freckles looks on several colors. Check it out !

   I am totally in love with this top coat and I will make sure I will use it at its full capacity this summer.
   What do you think of Freckles ? Do you have other combinations in mind for this top coat ?
    Let me know your answers in the comment box below.
    Till next time, take care and don't forget to smile !


  1. These are so cute, I love the bright colour.

  2. Love this matte glitter. I have this one, Clowning Around, and am wearing right now Neon Lights (neon matte glitter in a white base) . I prefer these over white myself. I just think it really pops the color and makes for a cleaner looking mani. I have wondered if they would look good over black - I might try that later - but wonder if that would just look weird. Or if they would show up against black. Thank you for the wonderful photos!


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