Swatch Monday : Polish Me Silly – Sizzling Sunset


      Hello my lovely friends.
        I have a very special polish for you today. Now you might be wondering what is so special at this polish. Well, first of all, this nail polish is one of my first polishes from the indie brand Polish Me Silly. As a matter of fact, now I come and realise that is my first indie polish ever, because I never had the chance, till now, to try out a indie polish. Second of all, this is my first thermal polish and I can’t describe in words how excited I was when I tried it out for the first time.
      I won’t keep you waiting much longer, ladies let’s take a look at a gorgeous Sizzling Sunset.

  Sizzling Sunset has a lovely salmon shade that becomes a soft yellow when it’s warm. It also contains yellow and pink glitters that are meant to make your nails stand out more than usual. For a perfect coverage you will need to apply two layers of polish. As you can see, a top coat is needed in order to get that smooth finish for your manicure and to give it extra shine.

   You know what ? Thermal polishes are really starting to grow on me. I love ombre manicures and with this one is so easy to have one. I already set my eyes on other shades and I can’t wait to have them in my collection.
   Tell me, what do you think of Sizzling Sunset ? What is your opinion about thermal polishes in general, do you like them ?
   You can leave me your answers in the comment box below.
    Till next time, take care and don’t forget to smile.

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