5 Ways to Pick Your Amazing Dentist

  While dentists are in no short supply, finding one that’s great takes a little bit of work. Great dentists offer more than just a degree and knowledge about dental practices. They have a synergy with patients that makes the process easy and enjoyable. If you’re in the market for a new dentist, here are five ways that you can pick a great one.

  • Ask Friends and Family - Start by asking your friends and family who they use as a dentist. Get specific details, such as why they like or dislike them and how long they have been visiting that particular dentist. If you are looking for a pediatric dentist, make sure to ask about the dentist’s personality, which plays a critical role when treating children.
  • Close to Home or Work - Choosing a dentist that is close to you in proximity can be a huge time saver and make dental cleanings easier and more pleasant. Decide if it’s better to choose one close to your home or close to your place of work. Dentists that are close to children’s school results in a shorter appointment and fewer missed classes. While location isn’t the primary way to choose a dentist, it’s a great way to narrow down a long list.
  • Ask for a Free Consultation - Sometimes you just have to try before you buy, and this applies to dentists as well. If you aren’t ready to go for a full exam, consider asking the dentist for a free consultation. Many dentists will be happy to sit down and talk with you about the services that they provide and any dental issues that you may have. This one-on-one time allows you to get to know the dentist and the office staff too.
  • Call Them Up - Call the office and chat with the front desk staff before you decide to make an appointment. Ask things such as whether the dentist is accepting new patients and whether they accept your specific dental insurance. Include any additional questions that you may have about the office environment or payment options. In addition to gathering information, pay attention to the responsiveness and tone of the staff. You will interact with them just as much as the dentist, and cordial, polite staff members are often indicative of great dentists.
  • Ask Your Current Dentist - If you are switching dentist because of a move or because your old one is retiring, ask for a referral. Dentists form networks of friends and colleagues just like other professionals. Your old dentist may be able to recommend someone new who will be a perfect fit for your dental needs and your personality.
  • As a bonus tip, you can always go online and do a search once your list is narrowed down. Search for their reviews, using either the dentist's name or the dental practice's name, and look for dentists that have not only numerous reviews, but also recent reviews. Good luck in the search for your next amazing dentist.
  • About the author:
    Jennifer is a dental hygienist in Austin, TX. When she's not proudly helping Austinites enhance their smile, you can find her riding her bike around Lady Bird Lake or at the Veloway in South Austin.

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