Fresh face: Keeping your skin young and luminous

Young or old, we all want to look beautiful. We simply don’t realise this when we’re young and so we go about our business making seemingly uncostly mistakes and experimental decisions until we grow old enough to realise that these were, in fact, incredibly costly mistakes and painfully reckless decisions. From here, we fondly reminisce over our problem-free youth, and desperately try to earn it back without first knowing exactly where to start. This, folks, is the circle of life in a nutshell. This article will attempt to help you down this path by addressing a few options regarding the preservation of your young and luminous skin.

Cleansing Products

While the risk of damaged skin can be minimised by getting a good night’s sleep, showering sensibly and removing makeup, moisturising regularly is equally if not more important, because you are attending specifically to your skin’s needs in a way that it focused and carefully orchestrated. Knowing how to cleanse is highly important, and all that is meant by this is that you use products that are safe for your specific skin type. If you have sensitive skin, for instance, it’s probably best that you stay away from strong soaps or scented lotions; they tend to be harder on the skin by removing its natural oils, consequently making the surface rough or dry, or just plain irritated. Speaking of dry, it is important that your legs aren’t dry when you shave them, which is why people tend to do this in the shower when they are wet and less likely to be infected.

Anti-Age Treatment

If your skin concerns are focused less on irritation and more on aging, anti-aging treatment might be a more relevant topic of discussion. This sort of treatment ranges in manner and scale, from anti-wrinkle injections to neck lifts to dermal fillers, appealing to basically anyone with insecurities regarding the way they look, or the way they have aged. If you’re interested in treatment of this nature, surgical or non-surgical,, founded by Dr Ajaka, can provide you with all the medical information needed before undergoing such a procedure, all of which is suitably categorised and easy to follow.

Healthy Lifestyle

Being mindful of what you consume, how much time you spend outdoors, and which bad habits you repeat from day-to-day will determine the way your skin looks. For instance, beverages that contain considerable amounts of caffeine are known to induce body dehydration, which, in turn, causes your skin to dry up and prompt frustrated breakouts and flaky surfaces. With this in mind, something as simple but easily dismissible as drinking water might achieve more than you’d think, for it does more than prevent fainting spells; it also maintains a steady blood flow and keeps your skin looking healthy and moist by rehydrating you after a few too many coffees. Smoking is also an obvious don’t, when wanting to postpone wrinkles for as long as possible. Avoiding habits such as these—which are easily avoidable—will benefit the development of your skin and body more than you’d care to imagine when you’re young.
The above tips should benefit both the young—who forget or simply have no idea how certain decisions can effect your skin over the years—and the wise—who have been hardened by the knowledge they have attained over the years, and are prepared to act upon it in order to attain what young people have no idea they already have.

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  1. Great tips Laura! I had a customer guessing my age (seriously) for 29 the other day! :D I'm ten years older ;) I guess I have my oily skin and no sunbathing for that ;)


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