Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream Review


      Hello my lovely friends.
        As you might now, I am in a continuous search for the perfect foundation or BB cream. Maybe there is no such thing, maybe there is, the truth is that I will never stop looking. I’ve tried many brands till now, some of them impressed me and remained in my collection and some didn’t get the chance to stick around very much.
       Since the asian BB creams appeared on the market, everyone got a little bit crazy with them. They promise to offer perfect coverage and a flawless face in no time, but is that really true ? I tried a few of the asian brands myself and I have to admit that some of the BB creams impressed me. Among them is the Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream and today I’m going to tell you a few words about it.

   First, I have to admit that I bought this BB cream only because of the nice reviews that I had read online. I decided to give it a try so I went up and ordered a few samples from Ebay.
   This product claims to :
~ Whiten/Brighten
~ Moisturize & Nourish
~ Have high UV protection
~ Have good oil control
~ Have good lasting power
   Packaging : Since I don’t have the actual product, I can’t really say much about the packaging, but from what I know it comes in a tube with a pump, which is very handy.
   Formula : It has a creamy texture, applies nicely and has a semi matte finish. If you have dry spots on your face, you might want to be careful because this BB cream tends to pop them out.

  Coverage :  The coverage is medium/high and depends of how much product you decide to use.
    If it’s blended out very well, it gives the face a very nice glow and a natural finish. If you have an oily face, like me, then you might want to set it up with powder as it tends to shine during the day.
  Lasting Power : The lasting power is pretty good. It lasts on my face the whole day without having to do any touch ups. Actually, if I think better, I think it’s the first product that impressed me so much with its lasting power.
   It has a floral scent that doesn’t really bother me, but if you are sensitive about this aspect you might want to think twice before purchasing it.
  The only negative thing that I have to say about this BB cream is the fact that it’s only available in one shade. This shade is perfect for the ladies with fair/medium skin but will make the ladies with a darken skin tone look very pale and unatural.
   Overall, I can say that I like this product and that I am planning in buying the full size product soon. You can find it online, on Ebay or other sites that sell asian cosmetics.
   I would like to know if any of you tried this product and what is your opinion about it so make sure you let me your opinion in the comment box below.
  Till next time, take care and don’t forget to smile !

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