Catrice Metallure Collection Haul



       Hello my lovely friends.
       I’m back ! Thank you for being so understanding and realise the fact that sometimes I’m just to busy or too tired to post. Last week has been very busy for me and I just did not find in me the energy to post on the blog. Anyway, all that is passed now, my batteries are charged and here I am with a small Catrice haul that I want to share with all of you.
      As you may know, Catrice launched the Metalure Collection a while ago. I had two products from that collection on my list and I am very happy that I could still find them in the store, because they usually run out pretty fast. If I made you a bit curious of what I bought, read on and discover the goodies 🙂

 Catrice Metallure Lipstick – C01 Metalight, is a metalic nude lipstick that I had to have in my collection. You all know how much I love nude lips and this one was a must have. I love the chic packaging and the sheer color is perfect for everyday use. It’s very moisturising, like most of Catrice lipsticks and has a good lasting power.

   Catrice Metallure nail polish – C01 Alluring Red, is the perfect metallic red polish. Actually, I don’t know how this happened but I did not have a red nail polish in my collection. The only red that I have, is a holographic one from Glitter Gal, so you can imagine that I just needed to have this Catrice polish in my stash. The polish has a very nice formula, applies pretty smoothly and has a good lasting power.
 What I didn’t like so much about it, was the brush. It is a wide brush, like all Catrice polishes have, but it’s not cut even and beause of that I had some issues when I had to apply it on my nails. Besides this minor set back, I would say that this polish is among my top 5 polishes at the moment. The color is vibrant and you can bet that everyone will notice your nails.

      This is my small haul from Catrice Metallure collection. It ain’t much but they are products that I really wanted to have. Another interesting product that I liked from this collection was the Luminising Bronzer. I swatched it in the store and it stole my heart. I chose not to buy it because I don’t really use bronzers but if any of you use them, you might want to check it out, it’s a pretty awesome product.
     What do you think of my little shopping spree ? Do you like the products that I choose ?
     Let me know your answers in the comment box below.
     Till next time, take care and don’t forget to smile !

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