Preview : Essence Trend Edition " Hello Autumn"

  BeautiFALL! From September until October 2014, essence is welcoming the autumn season with its beautiful golden sunshine and rustling leaves with the trend edition “hello autumn”. The color scheme is fresh and color-intense, just like the beautiful colors of nature during the third season of the year: yellow, gold, orange, red, green and brown. In addition to two eyeshadow palettes in gorgeous autumn shades, the product range offers eyebrow sets with two different powder colors each, a highlighter as well as a small applicator. A further highlight is the color-adapting powder blush, which turns into a fresh pink upon application. And as a small accessory, there are six cute hair ties that are sure to keep your hair together when the autumn breeze gets a little too much.
Welcome autumn… with essence!

essence hello autumn – eyeshadow palette
Indian summer! The eyeshadow palettes offer six long-lasting autumn colors each in the combinations gold-brown and beige-green with various effects ranging from semi-matt to metallic. The double-ended applicator is included in the set and guarantees easy application and blending. Available in 01 walk in the park and 02 keep calm & go for a walk.

essence hello autumn – eyeshadow brush** ( only available at Muller )
Tool talent. The eyeshadow brush in brown with a broad brush and soft bristles is the ideal tool for applying and blending eyeshadow. You can create professional-looking eye make-up styles in just a few steps – the perfect tool for the popular smokey eyes technique. Available in 01 walk 
in the park.
essence hello autumn – eye pencil
Natural colors! The soft, creamy texture of the eye pencil guarantees long-lasting results in brown and green. Thanks to the soft sponge applicator, the lines can easily be blended for a beautiful look. Available in 01 leaves are the new beef and 02 charlie seen in green.

essence hello autumn – eyebrow set
This set ensures gorgeous brows in two versions – for blondes and brunettes! Micro-fine eyebrow powders in two different brown tones create more volume, while the highlighter optically lifts the brows. The set includes a brush and is indispensible for perfectly defined brows! Available in 01 leaves are the new beef and 02 walk in the park
essence hello autumn – lip cream
FALL in love… the creamy, rich formula provides your lips with intensive color and a semi-matt finish in Bordeaux red and nude rosé. Particularly long-lasting. Available in 01 beauti-FALL red and 02 keep calm & go for a walk.
essence hello autumn – colour adapting powder blush
Warm-up! The innovative powder blush reacts to the individual pH-value of your skin and turns into a fresh pink upon application. The version in beige also contains fine shimmer pigments for a natural glow. Available in 01 beauti-FALL red and 02 keep calm & go for a walk.
essence hello autumn – multi colour powder
Golden leaves… the multi colour powder combines four gold and brown shades to give your face and neckline a beautiful shimmer. The pretty leaf embossment on the surface of the texture makes the powder absolutely unique. Available in 01 autumn & the city.
essence hello autumn – thermo nail polish
Interplay of colors! These nail polishes change color just like the leaves in autumn. Applied on your nails, the original colors red, orange, light green, brown and gold will shine in varying nuances depending on the temperature. Available in 01 beauti-FALL red, 02 meet my pumpkin, 03 
charlie seen in green, 04 keep calm & go for a walk and 05 autumn & the city.
essence hello autumn – hair ties
Autumn appeal! The six elastic, seamless hair ties keep your hair together and are comfortable to wear thanks to the soft material. Available in 01 #outdoor yoga.
This essence trend edition will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Greek, Italy, France, South Africa, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bahrain, Lebanon, Morocco, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Paraguay.

Essence “hello autumn” will be available in stores in September until October 2014.


  1. Wow I really like everything :) looking forward to try polishes the most:)
    Ps this is one of the few brands that came out in my country right away .. I love that

  2. Cât de frumos arată toate produsele! ♥♥♥

  3. I don't see UK on this list, this makes me sad. I have just discovered Essence and I Love Autumn, it's my favourite season and those products look Amazing

  4. I love the special collections in the nail polish that Essence puts out. These look so beautiful! Thank you for posting about them.

  5. I like the palettes and their name :)


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