The Battle Of Eyeliners : Sleek Ink Pot vs Sleek Flick It Eyeliner


    Hello my lovely friends.
       I don’t know about you, but I am crazy about the cat eyes makeup. Of course, we need a very good eyeliner if we want this makeup to be a success and that’s exactly what I want to talk about today.
      I tried so many eyeliners in time, some of them expensive, some of them cheap but I did not find the PERFECT one. Recently, my eyeliners collection received 2 new members, from Sleek MakeUp family, and today I will do a comparison between the 2 and tell you which one is my favorite. Let’s begin !

Sleek Ink Pot – 498 Dominatrix

Sleek MakeUp describes this as an ” innovative eyeliner that glides on smoothly without flaking, smudging or budging, making it crease proof for a guaranteed look that lasts all day.”
  I have to say that I was very impressed by this product. The packaging is pretty simple, a glass jar with a plastic screw on lid. It also comes together with a very small brush that I could not use. The formula is very creamy and thanks to that the appliccation is very smooth. It doesn’t dry very fast, allowing you to repair any mistakes that might have been done. I like the fact that this is really a black eyeliner and not a grey black. Although I wore it all day, it didn’t smudge and looked fresh as I just applied it. Being waterproof is another plus for this eyeliner and for 6g it’s a real bargain.
   If I would have to find a bad thing about this eyeliner, it would have to be the lack of shades available. For such a good product I would have expected more shades and not only a black one, Dominatrix. Who knows, maybe in the future Sleek MakeUp will make us a nice surprise and get more shades out there 🙂

Sleek Flick It Eyeliner – Dazzling Black

Sleek MakeUp says that ” Flick It is a liquid eyeliner with a fine tip, that allows for precise and controlled application. This modern liner ensures a flawless, even line with just one stroke.”
  I admit, this is my first pen eyeliner and I was very excited that I can try it out. Since I love the cat eye makeup, I thought that this type of makeup is much easier to obtain with a pen eyeliner. Partially this is true but it also requiers a lot of excercise. 
   The packaging is very nice and simple. This eyeliner is available in 3 shades, one more beautiful than the other but if you want the real cat eye makeup, Dazzling Black is your thing. What I like very much at this eyeliner is the fine tip, that helps me apply better the product and the fact that the color is very pigmented and doesn’t smudge. The problem with these pen eyeliners is that you have to keep them in a certain way ( with the tip down ) in order to get some color on your eyelids. Besides that, I think this is a good product and would be great for the inexperienced among us.

Sleek Ink Pot ; Sleek Flick It Eyeliner

    As you can see, both eyeliners are very pigmented but then, what’s the diffrence between  the 2 of them ?
     I’ll tell you, the lasting power. Sleek Ink Pot lasted on my eyes for more than 12 hrs while Sleek Flick It needed to be retouched after 5 hrs and if you don’t believe me, maybe you should take a look at the next picture 🙂

    What’s the story behind this picture ? Well, I wanted to clean my hand after I swatched the eyeliners and I tried to clean it with a cotton pad and my Garnier micellar water. After I rubbed that cotton pad on my hand, this was the final result. As you can see, Sleek Ink Pot is still going strong and clearly, for me, this one is the winner. 
    What do you think of these eye liners ? Have you tried any of them ?
     Let me know your answers in the comment box below.
     Till next time, take care and don’t forget to smile !

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