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  Hello my lovely friends. I got tagged by my good friend Elisa ( Little Beauty Bag ) and since I haven't done a tag in quite a while, I thought that now is the perfect time to do it. Let's begin !

1. Which color family of nail polish do you own the most of ? 
  Well, I was curious about this myself and I was very surprised to find out that in my collection, I have an equal number of blue and purple polishes.

2. Name your most favorite memory you associate with a specific polish?
 For this one I don't have to think much. Opi - Get Your Number will always have a special place in my heart and not just because it's a stunning polish but also because it's the nail polish that I had on my nails at my weding. 

3. What's your best-kept secret for chip-free polish?
  I think that the secret is a good top coat and of course the quality of the polish is very important. I'm using Nubar - Diamond Seal & Shine Quick Dry top coat for over an year now and I'm very happy with it. Recently, I purchased another good top coat from P2, unfortunatelly it's not quick dry but it does its job perfectly.

4. Which brand do you own the most colors and why is that formula your favorite?
  I really thought that the answer to this question will be Essence but I was wrong. The brand that I own the most nail polishes from is Kiko. I like their polishes a lot because they offer a great selection of colors, the formula is great and the price also. I found out that Kiko will open soon a store in Amsterdam, so you can imagine that my Kiko nail polish collection will grow even bigger :)

5. Name the polish you like the least in your collection and why you still hold onto it? 
  I have a nail polish from Wet'n'Wild that I only used one and everytime I think that I should get rid of it and I never do. I don't know why I still hold on to it, maybe I hope that one day I will use it or something..

6. Name your holy grail of nail polish remover! 
    I tried many nail polish removers and in the end I think I've found the best ! Im talking about the nail polish remover from Kruidvat, a local drugstore from The Netherlands. They also have the non acetone version but that one dries my nails very bad and doesn't clean my nails so good as this one does. 

7. If you use glitter or nail effects, which is your favorite brand and why?
  I like many special polishes. I like the textured ones, the glitttery ones but nothing makes my heart beating faster than the holographic ones. I simply adore them and more than half of my nail polish collection is dedicated to them. My favorite brand, when it comes to holographic polishes has to be LLarowe. They have some really awesome shades that are totally worth it !

8. Do you match your toes to your nails when you re-polish
 No way.

9. Name the specific polishes you've repurchased more than twice to show us your holy grail colors!
 Well, I have enough polishes and because of that I barely get to use one more than 3 times but if I think better, it is one color that I repurchased twice already and I will keep buying it. I'm talking about the simple white polish. I use it for stamping, as a base for my Opi Tints, at ombre manicures or just when I want a clean and simple manicure.

10. Do you paint accents nails or only use one color?
   Oh yes ! I love having an accent nail most of the time I do my manicure. Actually, the manicure that I'm wearing right now has accent nails also :) Please excuse my cuticles, they are very dry lately.

11. Can you name the oldes nail polish in your collection?
  Hmm, I did a major destash a while ago and got rid of all my old nail polishes but I did kept 4 Essence beauties that were dear to my soul. 

    This is it lovelies ! I hope you enjoyed the tag as much as I did. I want to thank Elisa for nominating me and to nominate 2 gorgeous ladies, Elena ( Beauty Magic Box ) and Jezzica ( Little Miss Nailpolish )  to do this tag. Elena, I know you told me that since you met me your nail polish collection grew bigger :) now I want to see it with my own eyes ;) and Jezzica, you have so many beauties in your collection, can't wait to find out more about them ;)
   I would also want to invite all my readers that like this tag to do it and leave me the answers in the comment box, it will be fun and I would love to know more about you and your nail polish passion.
   Till next time, take care and don't forget to smile !


  1. Ce originala ideea de a purta albastru pe unghii la ziua nuntii!
    Ai o colectie foarte frumoasa de oje holo!

    1. :) Albastrul a fost culoarea vedeta la nunta, ca sa zic asa. Accesoriile au fost albastre, am avut albastru si la rochie asa ca unghiile au fost un must :) Te pup !

  2. uh, ce de-a oje frumoase! <3 mor dupa ojele holo ale tale!
    ,, urasc" miresele care adopta clasicul alb/ french la nunta si tare ma bucur sa vad ca tu ai purtat o culoare indrazneata, sclipitoare. get your number e printre preferatele mele

  3. Ma bucur mult ca iti plac Andra :* Inca nu-mi vine sa cred ca sunt toate ale mele si ma pot juca cu ele in voie :))

  4. Thx for the Tag sweety ! Great post and such an impressive nail polish collection !!!

  5. deci deci deci ... pentru Kiko ''I hate you'' :)))), cu wet n wild poti sa faci un diy ( si mai si rimeaza :))) ), CE OJE AI PE UNGHIII ? Te sparg daca nu-mi zici, sunt mortale <3, le vreau urgent in viata mea ( nu-mi zi ca-s kiko sau catrice) :)) si gata :))) :*


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