Saying Goodbye To Blemishes And Scars


Having unsightly marks, blemishes and scars on your body can be a nightmare for your self-esteem – especially if they’re on a conspicuous region such as your face!

Here are some things you can do if you’re affected by unwanted splotches and markings.

Have your scars removed

Acne scars, whether you currently have acne or previously did have acne, are a lasting reminder of a horrid skin condition that would have ruined your school and special event photos. Unfortunately, even after the pimples have gone, the acne scars can remain. This is due to the abnormal behaviour of collagen during the healing process – unfortunately, this don’t always go exactly to plan!

A great new technology, practiced by professionals such as Dr Ajaka, has been helping lots of acne-scar sufferers here find their self-confidence again is having them removed via laser or needle – you can find out more here. The laser method uses it to perforate the skin lots of times, which stimulates the collagen in the area to move and ‘heal’ that part of the skin, effectively repairing it. Over the course of three to six months, the effects of acne scarring will be visibly better. The needle method uses much the same concept, stimulating the collagen to heal the affected areas – this method is better for those who have dark skin.

Natural remedies

There are certain fruits, vegetables and natural materials that are said to work a treat on your scars and blemishes once applied.

Raw honey is said to fade the appearance of scars and encourage the skin to heal itself – pretty nifty! Try mixing honey with a little baking soda and slowly rubbing it into the affected areas for a few minutes. Then wipe it off with a warm towel. Another great natural remedy that’s said to reduce the appearance of blemishes is aloevera gel. Like honey, applying it to the skin is said to encourage it to heal itself, as well as reduce any signs of swelling. See if you can get your hands on the gel from an aloevera plant rather than buying it from the shop – the raw version is much more effective!

Protect the scars from the sun

The longer scars are exposed to the suns harsh rays, the longer they’ll stay pink, irritated and more obvious. Therefore if you keep your skin covered in sunscreen, particularly the areas you have scars and blemished, the time it takes for them to heal will dramatically decrease. It could almost be halved! Keeping it covered with your clothing or material will also protect it and cause healing time to decrease.

Blemishes and scars aren’t really fun for anyone involved, and sometimes a good concealer or foundation just doesn’t cut it. What people with these marks usually seek is to get rid of them altogether. Whilst it might be difficult to eliminate any sign, there are definitely ways you can speed up the healing process, to get your skin on the fast track to health.
What are some ways you’ve found most effective in treating scars and blemishes?

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