Swatch Monday : Essence Color&Go – The Suede


  Hello my lovely friends ! Since we already started the week with Essence, I though it would be a good idea to continue it that way. For today’s Swatch Monday I chose to show you a new addition to the Essence nail polish assortiment, Essence Color&Go – I love my blue jeans or The Suede.
 I picked up this polish from Germany, when I was in my short holiday. Now, I saw that it’s available everywhere so you won’t have issues finding it.
 I love my blue jeans is a dark smokey blue nail polish with a semi matte finish and a slightly rough surface. I have to say that although this polish is also called The Suede, this effect is barely noticeable. This polish is very pigmented and thanks to its thicker texture, one coat is more than enough for a perfect coverage. It dries relatively fast and has a good staying power ( minimum 4 days till the tips begin to chip ).
 I have to say that, although I like matte polishes, this one is not my cup of tea. Don’t ask me why, maybe because of the rough finish. To solve that, I applied a layer of my Nubar Diamond Shine top coat and what a difference it made ! I love the result and I think I will wear it like that from now on. Because of its good pigmentation, I think this polish would be perfect for stamping also, I will try it soon and come back to you with that.
 Overall, this polish is a keeper if you fancy matte polishes or something more special than the average polish.

     Tell me, what do you think of this polish ? Would you say yay or nay to it ?
     Let me know your answers in the comment box below.
     Till next time, take care and don’t forget to smile !

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