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Hello lovelies,
 I think you will agree with me when I say that it's been a while since I've done an empties of the month post. I don't know why that happened, but I'm ready to make it up to you and I'll start doing that right away with this post. In the past months I selected most of my products and now I can say that I only have products that I really like in my collection and that I use daily. I threw away everything that had a maybe in front because it had no point in keeping products that I "maybe" would have used once in a while. Now, enough talking, let's see this months empties.
We start with the makeup products. This month, I said goodbye to my Sleek MakeUP - Oh So Special palette and my Nyx concealer. I've hit the pan at all the shadows that I liked from the Sleek palette so I saw no reason for me to keep it. I had the Nyx concealer for a long time now and since I have other concealers in my routine now, I decided it was the best time to let it go.

Now, the next products are 2 dry shampoos from Batiste. I have a love/hate relationship with this brand, but till now it's the only one that I repurchased over and over again. I like it because it has a very wide range of products and I just love the one that is especially for brunette hair. I don't like it because after I use it, my scalp gets really itchy and I also have some dandruff  because of it. Why do I still buy it? Well, it's the only dry shampoo that offers a fresh look from the moment I use it and since my hair gets greasy pretty fast it comes very handy to have it around.

 We remain in the hair care section and I tell you a little bit about the new Dove shampoo & conditioner. I purchased these two a few weeks ago when they appeared on the dutch market. I chose the volume line for normal hair because adding a little volume to your hair can't hurt and I really want that lately. From the first use I was pretty impressed with the shampoo. It has a thick consistency, gel like, and because of that, a little goes a long way. I liked the rich foam that the shampoo made and the clean sensation that I had after I rinsed my hair. The conditioner has a more thin consistency and did not wow me with something. Together, they make a good team but the results did not stand out more than at other shampoos that I've used. The hair is soft, but the volume is not there. I also noticed that my hair gets greasy faster after I use them. For now, I'm pretty sure I won't repurchase these ones again.

Now, we get to the nail section. I can't believe that I've actually finished some nail products and I'm actually pretty proud of it :) As you can see, I have one bottle of nail polish remover, 2 base coats and one black nail polish from Essence. I really enjoyed the base coat from Kiko, it was my favorite product and I can't wait for Kiko to arrive in Amsterdam to stock up again. The base coat from Golden Rose was ok, but did not wow me with anything.

This month I finally managed to finish a bottle of Garner micellair water. Honestly, I thought that this product will never end. I used it every single day and I finished the 400 ml bottle in over 3 months. You can see a full review of this product here. I've been using the Olay face cream for 6 months now and I can tell you that I will use it for as long as it will be in the stores. Great product and great price. Love it!

   Lately, I opened so many shower gels that it's almost impossible for me to finish one. Still, this month I managed to finish 3 of them, 2 from Palmolive and one from Yves Rocher. I like the Palmolive shower gels because they make a rich foam, they smell great and they don't dry the skin like other shower gels.

Last but not least, I have a hand soap. I've been using Dettol for some time now because it's a very good antibacterial soap and my daughter is crazy for the foam effect. Thanks to that, she always remembers to wash her hands when she has to and that makes me a happy mommy.

    These are the products that said goodbye to me in October. I would like to know, what products did you finish this past month, so make sure you leave me your answers in the comment box.
    Till next time, take care and don't forget to smile!

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  1. What a lovely post! I really enjoy reading this kind of posts and yours was so nice. I have the sleek palette and i love it, but i haven't hit pan on any shadow yet. :D


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