Swatch Monday : KB Shimmer vs Colors by Llarowe

  Hello lovelies. Are you ready ? Cause we have a double portion of nail polish on the menu today :) If you read my recent U.S.A haul, you probably know the crazy amount of nail polishes that I bought. Among all those polishes 2 stood out of the crowd, mostly because, even though they are from different companies, they look almost the same. I'm talking about KB Shimmer - Rollin' with the chromies and Colors by Llarowe - Rockin' my juju and today we are going to take a better look at them.

KB Shimmer - Rollin' with the chromies is multi-chrome linear holo that shifts from cyan, to blue, orange red, burgundy and more. From all the shades, the cyan blue is the most frequent. Since I rushed a little when I bought it, I was not so pleased to find out that this polish requires minimum 3 applications in order to look exactly like in the bottle. It's either that or just apply it over a black base ( I prefer this one ). I had no problems with the application, the brush is good and applies the polish perfectly. It dries pretty fast and with a good top coat you can be sure you have it on your nails for more than 4 days, after that it will begin to chip a little at the tips. For the swatches that you are about to see, I applied this polish over a nude and a black base. On the nude base I applied 2 generous layers of polish and on the black base only one. Check them out !

Colors by Llarowe - Rockin' my juju is a holographic multi chrome that shifts from teal blue, to pink, purple and cooper. The pigmentation is very good, 2 thin layers are more than enough for a perfect coverage and a vibrant color. Since this polish it so pigmented I only applied it on a transparent base and the result was pretty awesome. With a good top coat, you can expect to have your nails gorgeous around 4 days. I know, I keep saying all the time 4 days, 4 days but I really don't keep a nail polish on my nails longer than that. Let's check this beauty out :)

Pretty breathtaking right ? I know, I feel the same. I like both of these polishes and I really think they look alike but if I would have to pick one of them, Rockin' my juju would be THE ONE.
What do you think of them ? Which one would you pick ? Let me know your answers in the comment box below.
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Till next time, take care and don't forget to smile !


  1. OMG!! Doamne cum arataaaaaaa !!! Gorgeous!

  2. omg!! ce holo frumos! n-as putea sa ma decid intre cele doua, ambele sunt superbe!

  3. Amandoua sunt speciale si imi plac de mor ❤ nah, nuantele sunt minunate, n-ai ce sa mai comentezi :))))

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  5. Vai, vai! Exagerat de frumoase!

  6. OMG!!!!! dar cat sunt de frumoase..............................

  7. OH MY GOSH!!! Both of these look amazing but yes, I think Id choose the first one... wow :D


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