Swatch Monday : Lilypad Lacquer - Rebel At Heart

Direct sunlight
  Hello lovelies ! With fall finally settling in, I thought that it's time to pull out the hard artillery and show you some really nice polishes, which are just perfect for this colored season. Of course, I had to start with the one and only, Lilypad Lacquer -  Rebel at heart, a gorgeous linear holo that stole my heart for good.

   I have to admit, that I've always had something special for red nail polish. I think it's so feminine and sexy. Of course, finding the perfect holographic red polish was quite a challenge, that is till I found this baby.
  Rebel at heart is a deep red linear holo that is absolutely gorgeous and if you ask me, it should be present in every nail polish lover collection. The formula is a little bit thin but I was surprised to see that the polish is very opaque and offers an amazing coverage after only one layer. It dries relatively fast and lasts on the nails around 4 days. I also saw on the Internet that this is a very good polish for stamping but I don't think I'll be trying that soon, I love this shade too much :)
 For the swatches that you are about to see I used Kiko base coat and 2 layers of polish. One would have been more than enough but I wanted you to see just how gorgeous it really is !

Natural light
Using flash
   What do you think of this polish ? Do you see it perfect for this fall or say better skip it ?
    Let me know your answers in the comment box below.
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    Till next time, take care and don't forget to smile !


  1. Imi place tare mult nuanta asta! Si pulovarsul e tare dulcic, asa pufosenie ❤

  2. I'm not a fan o red nail polish but I have to admit that this one is really gorgeous and perfect for fall! <3

  3. I love red nail polish and decided a couple of months ago that I also wanted a good, deep red holo polish. I found several really nice ones but they had a little too much pink in them. Then I came across this polish. Gahhh, I fell hard for it! It is just so beautiful! Hopefully, it will be back in stock soon.

    1. This is a real beauty Lara, I understand why you want it :) Another great options would be The Mighty Red Baron from Colors by Llarowe or Obssesed with Marilyn, from the Fall 2014 Llarowe collection. Both of them are great red options that you might want to consider and they are easier to get also. To let you in on a little secret, these 2 are the next polishes that I'm going to buy, that much I like them.


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