Getting Your Name Out There As A Blogger

 Getting the word out that you’re a blogger, the things you have to say and the type of posts you’re writing can be really difficult, especially in a world where everyone seems to be doing exactly the same thing these days! If it’s something you’re serious about, however, then you should focus on a few key areas…

Making Your Blog Look Great & Read Well

This one is key. First and foremost, the most important thing people will notice is the aesthetics. That means you have to have a great design, as well as paying attention to things like the layout and ease of use. Now, not all of us are developers or designers, so it might be worth asking a friend to help or investing in some design training from the likes of Xchange Training. Don’t forget, you should also be focusing on posting regularly so that there’s a stream of interesting content for your readers. Use tools like Google Analytics to make sure you are posting the stuff your readers most engage with. 

Social Media

Social Media is really important when you’re a blogger because you’ll initially need these followers in order to promote your posts! A good way of building this up is to regularly engage with other users so that your name is out there. Follow similar, like-minded people (but don’t be spammy with this!) and every so often, unfollow people who no longer interest you or who don’t follow you back. It doesn’t look great to have lots more ‘following’ than followers on Twitter and Instagram, for example! When it comes to Facebook, please don’t be tempted to buy likes. All that does it get a load of fake people who will never engage with your stuff, and as a result, Facebook won’t show your real followers your updates thanks to its algorithm. Come across as real by filling out your bio and tweeting ‘normal’ non promotional stuff sometimes, and you’ll hopefully attract plenty of interest!


Whether you’re adding blog comments to other people’s blogs all the time to get known, speaking to PR people for opportunities, or even getting ‘out and about’ in the field, it’s great to be seen. There are lots of blogger events you can go to, or even bigger things like Festivals or Fashion Shows depending on your demographic. Why not get business cards printed, or even bring quirky ‘remember me’ things? You can get branded USB sticks like these made up with your CV for example, or cute little branded cupcake toppers made up so that people really don’t forget the sweetness that is you. You want to stand out, after all!

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  1. Good to know!
    Cand am inceput sa scriu pe blog, primele sfaturi au fost sa scriu lucruri reale, sa imi fac un program in care sa scriu/postez si sa incerc sa scriu si lucruri interesante!
    Merci! :)


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