How To Create A Masculine Bathroom


Looking to create a masculine bathroom for your bachelor pad, but need some tips on how to do so? You’ve come to the right place. Below you can find tips on how to transform your plain or girly bathroom into a space fit for a king. The aim is to get your bathroom to reflect your style whilst being practical. By using the right materials and design you can transform your bathroom into your favorite room of your house. 

Look out for deals on bathroom appliances
To get the most out of your money search the internet for the best deals; you can get packs that offer a sink and toilet at a reduced price like these,  that allow you to get more from your money which you can spend making your bathroom look macho. 

Bathrooms for men are usually dark to create masculinity, so use a color scheme such as gray or black. The color scheme will help the room to look strict and simple. You may want to add a splash of color to make the room look fresh. Add colors such as green, red and blue. If you have a smaller bathroom, paint it with a softer color to make the room look bigger and tranquil.

Traditional and classic tiles look great in a male’s bathroom against the wall where the bath is located. You can decide between a colored or glossy tile. The tiles will work great as a feature wall and it will drastically change the look of your bathroom. You could contrast the color of the tiled wall to the others for a dramatic look and to emphasize the texture.
Raw wood panelling and unpainted planks would look great in a masculine bathroom especially for the outdoors man. It would provide a distinctly masculine feel that adds warmth and ruggedness texture to the room. Look for pine cabinets and shelves to create a natural look to your bathroom.

Retro Accessories 
Perfect for a bachelor ‘pad’, retro accessories are classic pieces that you can add to the room to create age and history. Look out for antique mirrors at local antique shops or go down to a local auction and see what you can find. The smallest details can make a big impact on your bathroom. You could even purchase vintage shaving accessories to use as ornaments, you don’t necessary have you to use them but they look good! 
Keep it simple
De-clutter your sides and keep your male grooming products in a cupboard under the sink or purchase extra storage. A busy looking bathroom can look feminine as it reveals how many grooming products you use to get ready in the morning (which can sometimes look a tad feminine depending on how many products you use). A few manly accessories on the sides looks just right and creates a minimalist look to your bathroom.

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