Worrying About Older Relatives This Christmas

 Now, I don’t mean to put a downer on the whole ‘holiday spirit’ thing, but this time of year isn’t always a bed of roses (or you know, the winter equivalent), for everyone. For a lot of families, and perhaps your own, this can be a stressful time, as we worry about those who are older and perhaps a little more vulnerable.

The winter months of course bring cold weather, something that’s obviously a lot harder to deal with the less physically mobile you are. Of course, there are also lots of different ways to heat the home, but these can be expensive. You should help where you can find the best deals! When it comes to Christmas Festivities specifically, it’s always worth having that little bit of extra consideration if they’re coming over for Christmas Dinner, for example. You can definitely cope with having to take off a layer or two if things get a bit too hot, but they might not be able to should you not turn up the thermostat!

Christmas also poses some difficult questions to a lot of families. As much as we might want granny and granddad to enjoy some turkey and treats with us, we’re just not always equipped, and sadly it may be time to face that a care home might be the safest bet. It’s a costly time of year as it is, without worrying about care homes and their associated fees, but sometimes you just have to do whatever you have to do. Understanding the complexities of the issues at hand can be a pain in the neck (to put it lightly), but as it’s important, you should make every effort. Guides like this one by Taylor Rose are a great starting point.

Now, thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom. As this report from Webroster says, it’s actually preferable these days to try and get people back into their communities where possible. It’s called reablement, and it’s giving a lot of older people a whole lot more independence. If you feel like a bit of home care might be more applicable, it’s something that can be easily adapted to your loved one’s individual needs. And there’s even scope that they won’t need it all that long after all.

Overall, this is the time for family and friends, and as the old wedding saying goes, that’s in both sickness and in health. These people probably had a hand in bringing you up when you weren’t much good at stuff like feeding yourself, so maybe it’s time to accept you can give something back.

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