My Harrods Wishlist

   Hello lovely ladies.
        As I told you in a previous post, one of my dreams is to go to London this year. For me this city stands for the London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and ...of course Harrods.
     As a big shopaholic that I am, Harrods is the ultimate place to be, it's like beeing a child in a candy store. For those who don't know, Harrods is the biggest department store in Europe with over 330 departments that occupy more than 5 acres. At Harrods, you name it and thay have it because the 330 departments offer a wide range of products and services. There you can find the latest fashion trends, the ultimate beauty products and so much more.
  Now, you all know by now that I am a big fan of wish lists. I think it's a very nice way of keeping track of what I really want. Of course, I could not loose the chance to have a Harrods wish list either. Here is a selection of items that made it to my list.


Laura's Corner & Jasper Jewellery Giveaway

    Hello lovely ladies.
        I have a surprise for you today. The friends from Jasper Jewellery were kind enough to let me start a giveaway sponsored by them. What can you win ? Read on and you will find out.


5 Best Homemade Honey Masks For a Perfect Skin

    Hello lovely ladies.
       Who knew that the honey that's sitting in our kitchen can be the best resource to fight skin problems and dry skin ? Cleopatra knew that, because she used the take baths filled with it and I think the lady was onto something. Let's find out more about this wonder product and its benefits for the skin.


NOTD : Snow Poppy

      Hello lovely ladies.
          I have a very special nail polish to show you today. It's the kind of nail polish that guarantees you a special manicure without using other top coats or nail art tools. You don't belive me ? Take a look !


Sunday Morning Treat : Peanut Butter Cookies

  Hello lovely ladies.
   I have something special for you today. Since it's Sunday, I thought that a nice and delicious cookies recipe would be more than perfect. Don't worry, I don't send you to the kitcken right now, after you will read the post and you will see how easy this recipe is , you will go by yourselves. Ladies, I present you the peanut butter cookies ! If you want to know how I made them, read on.


Valentine's Day Series : Be my butterfly !

    Hello lovely ladies.
       Valentine's Day is just around the corner and with so many offers out there, it's pretty difficult to choose the right present for your loved one. That is why, I though it would be a nice idea to start a series of posts in which I will give you a few present ideas.
    Tell me, when you put together the words accessory & swarovski, what is the result ? I'll tell you. The most incredible jewelery ever ! Ladies, take notes, you will want to know more about this site .


The perfect brows secret : Catrice Eyebrow Set

      Hello lovely ladies.
  Remember that in one of my previous posts I was telling you about the Anastacia brow powder and how wonderful it was ? After that I knew I had to find something similar to it and I think I have.  Ladies, meet the Catrice eyebrow set, a wonderful product that made me fall in love with my brows again. Are you curious to find out how that happened ? Read on !


NOTD : Pink Fantasy

     Hello lovely ladies.
        Although yesterday was Blue Monday, I was in a pink mood all day. Because the week started out so nice, I decided to do something about it and since I haven't made a manicure in quite some time, I thought it would be a great idea to do something special.
  I knew I still have some BornPrettyStore water decals that I did not try, so I decided to change the situation immediately. Here is the result :


Trend Alert : 5 Ways to wear RED

  Hello lovely ladies.
     Tell me, what is spring without a hint of color ? Red is the most visible and lively from all colors. While it's not for the shy, this sharp-edged color will please those drawn in making a strong statement. This color is passionate, vibrant, intense and if you choose to wear it, be prepared to be in the spotlight.
   The person who wears red, portrays an image of energy, enthusiasm, ambition, attraction and a lot of confidence. Today I will show you 5 ways to wear this color and get noticed. Read on !


A Guide to Matching Your Face Shape With Your Eyeglasses

     Since about 75% of Americans have corrective vision eyewear, it is most likely that you will need eyeglasses at some point in your life. When you come to that point in your life, whether that time is now or in the future, you will want to know some pointers for choosing eyeglasses frames for men that will compliment the shape of your face and keep you looking stylish. Whether you want to stick with a frame that is unobtrusive or go for a bolder look, this guide will point you in the right direction to fit your style.


My Latest Acquisitions

     Hello lovely ladies.
         Are you ready to see what I bought lately ? I hope you are, because in this post I will show you a part of the things that the postman brought me this week.


How to chose the perfect sunglasses

     Hello lovely ladies.
        Today we talk about sunglasses or better said we talk about how to choose the right pair ( or pairs) of sunglasses for us.


Sheinside Wishlist

Hello lovely ladies.
   Did you heard about Sheinside till now ? I think you did, but for those that don't know already I will make a short description of what they are all about. Sheinside is a website that offers a lot of lovely and trendy outfits and accessories. What girl cand resist to that ? I know I wouldn't and to prove you that I already checked the site and made a pretty nice wishlist. Read on if you are curious to see what I chose .

2013 Favorite Products Part II

   Hello lovely ladies.
     Did you think I will forget about you ? No way, I promised that today I will show you the second part of my 2013 favorite products and I will do so. Today we are talking about the products that made sure that my hands and nails look awesome all year long. Want to know which products ? Read on !

Romwe Little Black Dress

Look into your closet, girls.  What's in there that you'd never take out -- never throw away in a million years? --- LBD, I think.
The little black dress (LBD) may be an essential part of any woman's wardrobe now.
Its simple elegance -- you didn't need to spend a lot of money to keep yourself looking put together. They were popular in Hollywood during the Technicolor craze, because a black dress wouldn't clash with the other colors on the screen as a brighter dress might.
It is a fashion staple that goes on and on since Audrey Hepburn' classic little black dress style in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
But does that mean we are not considering an update to our ‘staples’ Never

I found this one at Romwe today, amazing little black dress.
Its exquisite details and designs attract me immediately.


2013 Favorite Products Part I

   Hello lovely ladies,
      It's almost the middle of January and I still didn't show you the products that I liked the most in 2013, shame on me. Of course, I could not let the things like that so I decided to take my time and show you, in a few posts, the products that conquered my heart last year. Let's begin !

A Capsule Suitcase for Winter Sun Holidays

   In the UK the winter is usually a wet, windy and cold affair, and the snow is little more than slush making the roads dangerous and the atmosphere damp and chilly. The long months of miserable weather can prompt even the hardiest Brit to make a quick getaway and head overseas to warmer climates. Many winter sun travellers make the decision to take a holiday at the last minute finding cheap deals online or through a travel agent. One of the biggest money saving tips for travelling last minute is to take only hand luggage therefore saving on the baggage charges as well as cutting out the waiting time at the airport. Taking hand luggage only however does mean you have to fit everything you need into a small case. So what do you need to take?


Trend Alert : It's Floral Print Season

  Hello lovely ladies.
      Today we are going to talk about one of my favourite fashion trends, the floral prints.
When it comes to patterns, floral print dominates the fashion world, it happened last year and it will continue this year also. It's a matter of personal choice if you want to go for a bright feminine floral or for the bolder floral prints, you just have to keep in mind that there's a floral print to suit everyone.
    Florals are all about having fun with fashion and being feminine, so get ready to look stunning in floral print pants, dresses, shoes and with the awesome floral accesories that are available this season. Just keep in mind that if you decide to go for outfits with this print, you have to be very carefull at the acessories that you put on, trust me you don't want to destroy your look by having too much.
  Do you want to know what is the good part ? You don't even have to wait for spring to come to wear this lovely pattern. One pair of floral pants, or a jacket can make a huge difference and transform a grey day into a day full of color.  So go out there and be stunning !


NOTD : Golden Brown Dream

   Hello lovely ladies,
       Guess what I have for you today. Yeah, that's right, another manicure. If you read my blog, you know that I am a nail polish fanatic and that I love creating different manicures, especially when I have the proper materials to do so.
    For today's manicure I used the awesome water decals from BornPrettyStore and I must confess to you, I am so happy about the final result. Take a look !


2014 Wishes

    Hello lovely ladies,
       Today we talk about wishes or better said today I will tell you a few wishes that I have for 2014. Let's start !


TREND ALERT : 2014 is the Radiant Orchid year !

     Hello beautiful ladies,
        As you might know, Pantone has declared Radiant Orchid the color for 2014, that is why this color mix of fuchsia, purple and pink has become a real fashion trend and can be seen everywhere from fashion on the runway, to art and home decor.
   An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. – Pantone
Pantone says the shade can be paired with lavender, purple and pink for an assortment of lipstick and blush options. Radiant Orchid garments will give both men and women a rosy glow, making all who wear it feel more healthy and energetic. Interior designers can use it to complement olive-green, teal, turquoise or yellow, or to lift neutrals such as grey and cream.
 I think it's a bold color that deserves our full attention and it's a must for every fashion victim.


NOTD : Vintage Turqoise

     Hey beautiful ladies,
      Can't belive that I'm writing my first post for this year. When does time pass so fast ? Before we begin, I just want to wish you all the best for 2014, may all your dreams and wishes come.
     What do you think I have for you today ? Can you guess ? I'm not keeping the secret any longer and I'm telling you that today I have for you another special manicure, a manicure that is meant to get us out of the ordinary. If you still don't belive me, keep on reading.
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